Burlap Laundry Sign…How to!

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So… I finally got my hands on freezer paper!

I figured I would try to use my freezer paper to print on some burlap… did you know you can print on material with some printers?

{1st Step}

I created my “laundry” verbiage in Photoshop elements, but you could use any word processing program.   I made it 8 1/2” x 11”, so that it would run through my printer as a standard piece of paper.  I went to an online dictionary to find the definition I used. 

{2nd Step}
Iron the burlap.
I had a piece of scrap burlap that worked perfectly for this project.  You want your fabric nice and smooth for the printing.
{3rd Step}
Place your freezer paper on top of your ironed burlap with the shiny side down (touching the  burlap).  Run a medium, dry iron on top of the freezer paper and it will magically adhere to your burlap.
{4th Step}
Cut your burlap/freezer paper into your 8 1/2” x 11” size.
{5th Step}
Run your burlap/freezer paper through your printer.
{6th Step}
Peel off the freezer paper….
and you have this amazing printed burlap!
To finish off this project, I used the leftovers of the foam board from my Check My Pockets laundry sign to create the backing for my empty black frame.
To adhere the burlap sign I used decorative nails.
I used scraps of burlap, remnants of a sweater I turned into a pillow and the remains of my daughter’s dress turned pillow… and twisted and hot glued them onto felt to create some cute flowers.  I glued the flowers onto the foam board and frame with my trusty hot glue gun.
My newest laundry love!
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Learn How to Print on Burlap

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  1. Jolyn says

    After printing…do you spray it with anything to keep it from brushing off? I printed some and when I rub it…it starts to rub off.

  2. Julia says

    I have a roll of bamboo textured wall paper, I wonder if it will work on that? I have done this with canvas and linen. Thanks for the clear step by step directions!!

  3. says

    Great tutorial – except I have a laser printer. From previous sad experience I know not to put anything but paper through it. :/ A few years ago I tried printing on freezer paper to do stencils and some of the freezer paper got stuck in the fuser and the duplexer was wrecked.

  4. Bea says

    Tried this on burlap it didn’t work well, I think the burlap was just to thick for my printer.
    Im going to try it on a flour sack dish towel I bet that will work .
    Thanks for the great idea .

  5. says

    I am amazed…I tried this technique on thin fabric (cotton), and know it works well, but did not know it will work on burlap. Would you be so kind to share what font size did you use?

  6. says

    Help! I’ve been trying this method for 2 days and it’s not working. It won’t feel through my printer. (Brother all in one bottom feed tray) I’ve tried freezer paper, iron on transfer paper, using sewing stabilizer, using my injet, my laser printer…..even bought a drop cloth to print on instead of burlap, until I opened the package and discovered it was plastic lined. I’m extremely crafty and handy and was excited for this new “easy” project. 2 days later, I’m frustrated, exhausted and have wasted 1/2 yard of burlap. Any advice??????

    • Tammy says

      I tried this with 2 of my computers, a newer hp inkjet, and an older model hp, neither will feed the burlap through. Tried tapping the top too, and no go! :-(

      • Annette says

        I ended up borrowing a friends Epson at their suggestion and it worked great. A few weeks later my old printer died and I needed a new one anyway. Bought a $50 Epson (Small-in-one) and it works great for burlap printing.

    • Cindy Dusthimer says

      I tried to iron on freezer paper using both sides but neither adhered. Any tips or hints? I was so disappointed. TIA

      • Maryann @ Domestically Speaking says

        Hi Cindy ~

        Are you positive it’s freezer paper & not waxed paper??? I’ve never had an issue with freezer paper and I’ve been making them for years.

  7. kdelong2 says

    I just did this and it worked the first time without any printer jamming! I did hold my breath and squinted the whole time it printed though. I designed it in Word (I’m not software savvy) and followed the instructions above and ran it through an HP Photosmart 7510 Inkjet printer. I originally did this on lighter burlap at the default normal setting and the ink smeared a bit. It gave it character, but I had darker burlap and changed the setting to best quality and tried it again. This time it came out much nicer. So go with a darker burlap. I have a laser printer, but it’s so sensitive I’m afraid to try it.

  8. Ashley says

    This is absolutely amazing! I used it to print out stuff for my wedding to wrap around candle holders and it worked great!! Thanks so much!!

  9. Nannajane says

    It’s a wonderful craft idea, with so many variations! I adhered it to thicker quality paper, and tried to feed it through my inkjet Lexmark printer, but it wouldn’t feed and print. Perhaps, I’ll try attaching it to regular paper to see if that will feed..

  10. Tracy says

    I’ve seen tutorials that print a photograph onto tissue paper. Then you adhere the tissue paper to canvas. Do you think the burlap would take a photograph well?

  11. says

    This is so cool! I tried it on osnaburg and it worked beautifully. I did a water test, and without heat setting it bled badly. Then I heat set it and it bled just a little. I’m going to keep experimenting.

  12. says

    I used the idea of printing on burlap to make a really fun Christmas gift for my parents and for my in-laws. You can check it out on my blog.

  13. Flavia says

    Hi Maryann, I like this tutorial (just as the rest of your site!) so much and yet..I have no idea what “freezer paper” is! My english is not good enough! Would anyone please help me out? The idea is great and I would l♥ve to try it!

    • Kathryn says

      You can find freezer paper in the same section in a store that has plastic wrap, aluminum foil, sandwich/food storage bags. It will say “freezer paper” on it. Also, it is NOT the same as waxed paper, waxed paper is a different product altogether. Hope that helped.. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try sendin something other than paper through my printer- mainly because I’d never hear the end of it from my husband… that might be the straw that broke the crafter’s husband’s back! 😉

  14. Theresa says

    Absolutely brilliant! I just love your little flowers! Thanks for taking the time to explain the process, I've been wanting to do something with my burlap for a year now…never seem to have the time or the right project for the time I do find. Now, to find this freezer paper you speak of…cheers!
    (Miss Charlotte)
    "Elegant Domesticity for Wayward Girls"

  15. Desiree @ The 36th Avenue says

    Maryann I am stopping by to let you know that I'll be sharing today a link to your tutorial on my blog…

    Thank you so much for this wonderful idea!

  16. Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? says

    I love that! I've printed on fabric before, but I never thought something as bumpy as burlap would work. Very exciting!

  17. thehappyhomester says

    Tried it with an old cut up t-shirt! It totally works and I totally linked this to my blog! I have so much burlap and black in my living room, this is such a common sense choice for wall art in my house! I just have to figure out what I want to put on it. I'm thinking some inspiration quote or something…

  18. Lael says

    WOW! This is outstanding! How genius are you?! One question though…Do you need to adjust anything on the printer to help the burlap run smoothly through the printer feed? Won't it get jammed and smear?! Thanks for such a grand idea!!!

  19. jenn1ferr says

    Do you know if the design would mess up if you folded it? I'm thinking about using these for wedding invitations, wrapped with a piece of lace, then with a piece of twine tied in a bow. (Sort of like some that I've seen with handkerchiefs.)

  20. SewDanish-Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies says

    Love it! What a great idea :-)
    Thanks for sharing.

  21. A Country-ish Mom To 5 says

    What a NEAT idea! I'm loving your blog – and will be back to steal more ideas from you soon! Thanks for the spark of creativity you've given me!

  22. Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking says

    Aimees5 – I feed it though the top and it curves through to the front. It's a normal bubble jet style.

  23. Aimees5 says

    Okay, so maybe this is a retarded question, but do you allow the burlap to "fee" through the printer or do you have a backdoor to open to feed it through straight?

  24. Aunt WeeWee says

    As far as printers go I am guessing it would have to be an inkjet, I have a Laser and since it heat sets the toner, I would be afraid the burlap burn and the wax would melt causing issues for the printer.

    Love the idea though!! I will have to go use my mom's inkjet if I decide I want to do it.

  25. Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking says

    Which printers this for work for I really can't answer… I'm not a printer expert. I've got a cheap bubble jet printer and it worked great. You want your burlap to be facing the direction it needs to in order to be printed on. In my printer my burlap was facing up in the printer tray… this is the side that gets printed on. Hope that helps!

  26. Anonymous says

    MY husband said " Better watch it, it's gonna JAMB, and mess up the printer" Ha Ha It worked like a charm, I will send you a picture of what I did. So cool.

  27. Sommer says

    Incredible! I have been racking my brain on how to do something like this without outsourcing to a screen printer! So you put the fabric and freezer paper righ into the printer? Which side facing which direction? Is the printer supposed to print onto the paper side or the fabric directly?

  28. stephjacobson says

    Love this, but I'm too scared to try it. I don't know how I would explain to my husband that I ruined the printer trying to print on fabric.

  29. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says

    Crazy weekend and I am just now getting to this post in my reader! What a phenomenal idea!! Love it! Have to share on my FB page!

  30. ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com says

    Oh my gosh! I love this tutorial! I just picked up some freezer paper for another project but now I've got two! Love it! Thanks!!!!

  31. Tammy says

    How cool is that! I had never heard of using wax paper and fabric to use in the printer. Amazing. I love the project. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Jenn says

    This is so awesome!! I especially love the flowers you added. I have been wanting to do something with burlap – thanks for the inspiration! :)

  33. Entertaining Women says

    What a great tutorial and such a fun idea. I'm going to see what I can do on fabric that maybe I'll make into a pillow. I think that my daughter is going to love this….or maybe Christmas pillows! Perfect timing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. Cherry Kay

  34. Nicole ~ says

    Wow, I had no idea that you could print on material. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am going to try this out for sure!!

    Your sign looks so good, love it!! Nicole

    • Debra Ruffing says

      Well the burlap I use sheds like mad. That is the first thing I thought of. And I don’t see a way to clean it out…canned air?

      How did it work out for anyone else?


  35. Lallee says

    Oh my gosh I love this! Best idea of the day! And I have all the 'ingredients' for trying it. I have printed on fabric before but not burlap. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Debra Ruffing says

      LOL-I am afraid of my large printer but I hate that thing anyway…it is so fussy about paper in general so probably would not take it. But, I wonder about scanners…

      I wonder if it only works with top feed printers.

      • Debra Ruffing says

        OKAY! Did it and it works fine from bottom feeding wireless HP!!! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! I will post pictures later on the beginning of my blog-LOL! Will post the name. I am not even sure how you post that-yes, very new at it! : )

  36. Ann @ makethebestofthings says

    So terrifically cool and clever! I have to try this, and you've given me inspiration for so many ideas! Just wonderful.

  37. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    Great sign. Love burlap and that is such a cute idea. Now if I could just start making things like that.

  38. Cozy.Cottage.Cute. says

    I LOVE this idea. I had no idea you could put fabric through a printer. I'd be so worried it would jam!

    I love how yours turned out though and am going to have to get up the nerve to try this sometime soon!

  39. Chari at Happy To Design says

    Hi Maryann…

    Ohhh…this is awesome! I just adore your burlap "laundry" sign! Love the pretty burlap flowers that you added as well! You also did a great job with the tutorial! I think I could actually craft one of these beautiful signs! Thank you for sharing this with us today!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  40. Jami says

    Thanks for the how-to…I've been wanting to try this, but really wasn't sure how to go about it. Your laundry room must look AMAZING!
    Happy weekend!

  41. Heaven's Walk - says

    Oh my gosh!!!!! How cool is THAT????!!!! Who would'ave thought……??? Just love it – and I'm definitely going to try this one out! Thanks for the great tutorial! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  42. Fussy Monkey Business says

    What a fabulous idea! I have 2 yards of burlap that I have been clueless as what to do with it. Now I know!! Visiting from Tatertots and Jello.

  43. Laura @ Ms Smartie Pants says

    I am in love!!! You need to post this on Funky Junk Interiors she is having a "what can you do with burlap party!" I would be afraid that all the burlap lent would mess up my printer. I may have to try this tho! Wonderful idea!!!

  44. Decorchick! says

    Oh my goodness. You've done it again!! This is too freakin cool!!! Will you make me one, pretty please? :) Great job as always. :)

  45. Kristy @ Next to Heaven says

    Are you kidding me?! Wow- what a fantastic idea and the end product screams Ballard Desighns or somethplace great! You are amazing!

  46. LouLou@thelifeofloulou.blogspot.com says

    I love it! I am slowly redoing this house one room at the time… My laundry room needs it SO badly… It's huge, but it's a MESS! I would be embarrassed to even show a picture! Maybe if I made a cute sign like yours I'd find some motivation to make the rest of it cute!

  47. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Easy, peasy! Who knew? What a great tutorial! And the finished project is wonderful.
    I am starting a new meme within a couple of weeks, Tutorials, Tips and Tidbits. This would be a perfect entry!
    Please join StoneGable with this wonderful project.

  48. Modern Country Style says

    Wowee! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea. I'm so inpsired by all the possibilities it holds. And what a GREAT tutorial!

    Thank you.

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