Countdown to Winter Party ~ Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Happy Friday Friends & Welcome to all the newbie friends!  This is the final round of the Countdown to Winter Party & in honor of the first day of Winter I’ve got a cute, painted sign to share with you guys…

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Painted Burlap Sign

Now making the sign the way I did isn’t for the faint of heart… these are the days I really wish I had a Silhouette.

I created the design in Photoshop Elements and print it off on regular paper.

Then I took a piece of freezer paper the same size as the printed paper and taped them together with painters tape, with the freezer paper on the bottom and the shiny side facing down.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Painted Burlap Sign

Then with my x-acto blade I cut out the letters… yes it’s a bit time consuming. This is where a Silhouette, etc. would be a HUGE time saver.

As you are cutting through the paper you are cutting through the freezer paper beneath too (make sure you are using a cutting board).

Once you have all the letters cut out, you place the freezer paper shiny side down on your fabric (burlap in this case) and with a hot, no steam iron adhere the freezer paper to the fabric.  Make sure you spend a little extra time on all the edges making for a clean line with the paint.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Burlap Painted Sign

Once the freezer paper is attached, I use a foam brush and acrylic paint to pounce the paint on.  The dabbing (pounce) method seems to work best with the burlap and with the freezer paper too.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Burlap Painted Sign

I let mine dry overnight, but you can start to peel it off within 30 minutes.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Painted Burlap Sign

Now that we’re ready for Winter…

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Burlap Sign

let’s PARTY!!!

We want to see your Winter/Christmas goodies!!!  Let’s see your décor, your recipes, your family traditions… anything as long as it’s Winter related.

I’d love for you to grab the button below and include it in your post.




Ok… Now Inspire Us!!!

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