Paper Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Hi Friends… Today I’ve got something off the DIY path to share with you all.  I know over the past few days as I’ve been surrounded by family and friends, my thoughts and prayers have been with the families in Newtown, Connecticut.  I’ve been wanting to do something to help as my heart grieves with them. Well I’ve got an easy way all of us can

Sandy Hook Snowflakes

Just before Christmas I received an email from the National PTA sharing some info on how we can all get involved.  In a few weeks when school resumes for the students of Sandy Hook, it will be at a new building. Parent-volunteers are working hard to welcome the students back by creating a winter wonderland with the entire school decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible.

They have asked for people to make snowflakes, being as creative as possible, remembering that no two snowflakes are alike.

My hearts desire is that their new school is covered with unique, paper snowflakes.

I’d love for those students to visually see how much they are loved as they walk those halls covered with snowflakes made from kiddos from around the USA and even the world.

So this is my Snowflake Challenge!

Make some snowflakesHave your kiddos make snowflakes.  I think this is a great way for your kiddos to feel like they are helping too.  Spread the news.  If you have a blog, share.  Facebook, Twitter… whatever social medium you use.  Let’s get their new school covered with snowflakes!

I’ve added a button code if you’d like to add this to your blog, etc. 

Snowflakes for Sandy
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This is one simple, fun way to help those precious children as they transition back to school.

They need the snowflakes by January 12, 2013, so please make sure you plan your shipping accordingly.

Thank you friends… let’s shower those children with snowflake blessings!

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    Hi Maryann, I just found this post through blogtalk and I am all for it. My granddaughter and I made snowflakes yesterday to hang in her room at my house. It’s a spare bedroom but it’s decorated for my granddaughter when she is here. Anyway we made snowflakes the past two years so it is a tradition now. We make them out of coffee filters. My granddaughter will be staying with us next week while school is closed so we will be making snowflakes for Sandy Hook. Thanks for sharing this.

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    What a wonderful idea! Such an easy way to feel that we are a part of the healing. Is it okay if I post this on my blog sidebar, with a link back to your blog? laurie

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