A Little Sparkle Makes Everything Better

Domestically Speaking: Adding some Bling to a Shelf

Don’t you love simple little changes that make a huge difference!

I bought this cute little shelf for my youngest daughter about 5 years ago.  I love the color… I love the scallop detailing… it’s super cute!  The other day when I was checking out the cute knob section at Hobby Lobby, I had an idea.

Domestically Speaking:  How to add Sparkle to a Shelf

Why not change out the pink dowels with some sparkly, glass knobs?

Domestically Speaking:  How to add Sparkle to a Shelf

The hardest part was the knob bolts were too long. 

Domestically Speaking:  How to add Sparkle to a Shelf

So I took a trip to Lowes and bought a bolt cutter and chopped those babies down so it could lay flush against the wall.

Domestically Speaking:  How to add Sparkle to a Shelf

My youngest is 7 now, so I think this little shelf update will keep her loving it for quite a few more years.

Domestically Speaking:  How to Add Sparkle to a Shelf

Love a little glamorous bling.

Domestically Speaking:  How to add Sparkle to a Shelf

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  1. Cathy says

    I have been wanting to do this, but couldn’t figure out what to do about the long bolts. I understand that you cut them down, but how did you attach them and still have it flush against the wall?
    Thanks for the help!

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