3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub… Choose your own scent!

Happy Friday Friends!  I’m so excited to be a part of an awesome group of bloggers bringing you this Homemade Beauty and Household Products Showcase.  I’m sharing with you guys my favorite… super simple… 3 ingredient… customizable… Sugar Scrub.

3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub ~ Easy and Customizable!

I have dry skin and this winter has been so dry and windy here in Southern California that my skin craves this treatment.   I love that you can make it any scent you want… super easily!

3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub ~ Easy and Customizable!

Here’s all you need:

3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub ~ Easy and Customizable!

Add all your ingredients into a bowl and stir till combined.  Right now I’m loving Beautiful Day’s body wash from Bath and Body Works… so that’s what I used in this batch.  It’s a green toned body wash, but you really can’t even see the green tint once it’s mixed all together.  If you wanted you could add food coloring to match the scent you’ve got going on.

3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub ~ Easy and Customizable!

I’ve been storing my sugar scrub in a pretty blue mason jar.

3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub ~ Easy and Customizable!

This works great to get your feet ready for those warmer days that are coming!

Well friends… there’s a lot more great homemade goodies to check out.  Below you can find the other ladies who are sharing today and don’t miss out on the Saturday posts too.

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      Oh yes.. I’m in Southern California and we’ve been having flip-flop weather so my heels have been needing it too.

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