Valentine Pillow ~ Burlap and Ribbon Heart

Happy Monday Friends!  I’ve got a confession…. I’m not a huge Valentine’s decorator.  I’d rather bake the Valentine goodies and do a craft with my kiddos, but I will throw a few Valentine decor items into the mix.  This year I made a sweet Valentine pillow from one of my favorite fabrics ~ burlap and sweetened it up with a red ribbon with a dotted line.

Burlap and Ribbon Valentine's Heart Pillow.

I stitched up this little burlap pillow by hand.  If you’ve been around my blog for long you know I’m not much of a seamstress and if this had been fabric other than burlap I would have hot glued it together.  Our machine is out of commission at the moment… so hand stitching it was.

Burlap and Ribbon Valentine's Heart Pillow

I used a heart shaped cake pan and chalk to outline the heart shape on the burlap.

Burlap and Ribbon Valentine's Heart Pillow

Then with a cute red ribbon with white dotting and a large needle I created this sweet heart.

Burlap and Ribbon Valentine's Heart Pillow

I left enough ribbon at the ends to tie it off as a cute bow.

Burlap and Ribbon Valentine's Heart Pillow

I love it!  It’s a sweet Valentine’s décor addition… that’s just my style.

Here’s a few other Valentine goodies I’ve made over the years…

burlap heart fb

Burlap Heart stitched up with Baker’s Twine

bakers twine heart fb

Baker’s Twine String Art Heart

Thanks for stopping by friends… have a wonderful week!

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    Hi Maryann,
    I found your blog through the Pinterest for this cute Valentine pillow. What a sweet idea and my favorite part is how you tied the bow at the bottom of the heart. I used your idea and made one for our porch. Thank you for the Valentine inspiration and happy to have found your blog.

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