Hanging Herb Mason Jars

Happy Sunday Friends!!! I hope your weekend has been wonderful so far.  Today I’m sharing my latest kitchen update.  I love fresh herbs!  They just make everything taste, well… fresher.   I love some fresh chives on top of my baked potato… or adding fresh basil to my pasta sauces or the top of my homemade pizza.  So when I came across a steal of a deal on some fresh herbs I scooped them up.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

I added some wire to some vintage blue and green mason jars so they could hang.

I had the perfect place to hang them on either side of my kitchen sink… lots of afternoon sunlight… just perfect.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

So I added some hooks to outside of the kitchen cabinets.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

My girls had a fun time potting the herbs in the mason jars for me.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

They have been very easy to maintain too.  I water them about 2 times a week.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

I love the addition to our kitchen.  Live plants make such a difference in a space.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

I’ve got another exciting kitchen update to share with you next week.

Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars

Thanks for stopping by friends!  Here’s a couple other projects I’ve done using mason jars:

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  1. Kathleen Sue Hylton says

    I made small ones in half pint jars and hung two and three together on one hook.. Very cute..and I added a piece of burlap around some of the jars just to be “cute”..

  2. Cathy Gore says

    Can you show a pic of how you wrapped the wire and made the hook? I want to hang these to get spatulas and other lightweight cooking tools out of the cluttered drawers. Purple Ball jars will go with my purple and orange Clemson theme.

    • Kathleen Sue Hylton says

      Wow.. I just wrapped a piece of wire around the “screw” threads of the jars and then twisted them together to hold it tight. With the ends I twisted them into a loop and hung them on the hook.

  3. says

    Any tips of preventing algae in the jars? I have a similar mason jar herb garden and I love the look, but find that the root structure ends up growing algae when kept in a bright location for the plants to thrive… I’ve contemplated drilling drainage holes or painting them (although I love the way they look clear!). I do have some small stones at the bottom for a bit of drainage. Is this simply from overwatering? Would some kind of charcoal or other soil additive help fight the algae?
    Thanks! Novice gardener who loves these mason jars and doesn’t want to give up!

  4. Kala says

    How do you keep the soil and root ball from “falling apart” when you water? How much water do you use with each watering? Does this method promote continual growth?

    • Maryann @ Domestically Speaking says

      Hi Kala ~

      They lasted about 9 months and then I replaced them. I would put a ice cube in each jar a few times a week… more during the hotter months since it’s in the western sun.

      • Lori in Maine says

        Hi Maryann,
        I LOVE this idea and it looks simple enough for even an accomplished plant killer like myself:) But I do need more details. In the comments there are conflicting answers regarding how to water these adorable herb jars. Is it 1 inch water twice a week OR 1 ice cube twice a week?? So you just picked up the plants and transferred the plant, root ball and soil into the mason jar with no additional soil or plant food or anything? I so want this to work so any additional info you might provide will be extremely helpful to this novice. Thanks much!!

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