I Tried a Pin… Making Homemade Creamer

Happy Monday Friends and Happy Labor Day!  I hope you guys have been enjoying my summer series… I Tried a Pin.  Today I’m sharing my results on making homemade creamer.

I Tried A Pin Making Homemade Creamer

Here’s the gist and it’s so easy!  I followed the homemade creamer recipe I found here.

2 cups of milk

1 can of condensed milk (14 ounces)

1/3 c. of your favorite flavored syrup… I went with French Vanilla.

Homemade Creamer 2

Just mix the ingredients together till combined and use with your favorite beverage.  My personal favorite is French Vanilla Creamer in Hot Chocolate… oh yum!

Homemade Creamer 1

My results… I thought it was pretty good!  The French Vanilla flavor was slightly different than what I was use to, but it still had a very good flavor to it.   Probably depending on the brand you are use to using will determine how much you love it.  I found it a little less “creamy” in texture than I prefer also.

Will I give up my creamer and start making my own?  Honestly… probably not.  I still prefer my usual enough to stick with that one.

Should you give it a try?  I’d say so!  I’d say it’s quite a match to certain brands and it’ll save you some money if you do love it!

I’ve got one more I Tried a Pin to share with you guys before summer officially comes to an end.

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Thanks for stopping by friends!

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  1. Eve says

    Try it again using (fat free) Half n Half instead of milk! I use a quart-sized carton mixed with a can of sweetened condensed milk. It’s darn near perfect by itself and then you can add whatever flavoring you’d like. (My husband thinks it’s just a little too sweet and I think it’s just a little not sweet enough-so a pretty good compromise.) After using this recipe all summer for our coffee/iced coffee, I cannot stand the *plastic* flavoring of the brand creamers-it’s amazing! Planning on adding a drop of vanilla to my next batch now tho after reading this.. Blessings!

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