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10 Things that Make a Room

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Happy Monday Friends!  Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Today I’m sharing 10 things that I think are great additions in making a room.  Sometimes you feel like your room is missing something.  Hopefully this list will help you pull together those finishing touches to make your home feel how you want it to.  These are listed in no particular order…

10 Things that Make a Room

First up… Texture!

Adding burlap to your bookshelf

If you’ve been around my blog you know I adore burlap… but there are so many ways to add texture to a space.  Easy ways are fabrics with pillows or curtains or grass cloth wallpaper on a wall.  The options are endless.  Here I added burlap to the backs of the built-ins in our family room. Textures are a great way to add layers to a space.  They also make a place look “lived in”.

Mini Blinds turned Roman Shade Tutorial

Fabric ~ Gorgeous fabric can instantly change a space.  Mixing fabrics is a great way to save on costs too.  If you find a fabric you adore that’s pricey find a cheaper fabric that works great with it and use your pricey fabric in small doses in the space.  I love the fabric I used in our master bedroom.  I used our cheap mini blinds to create beautiful roman shades.

Bamboo Mirror tutorial

Mirrors ~  They increase the light in a space… They reflect your beautiful space… They make a room appear larger and they add some shine.  You can’t go wrong with that!  Now it’s possible to have too many mirrors, but I think every space can have a few.  I love a mirror gallery wall too (still on my to-do list)

Laundry Room Sign using Crackle Paint and Vinyl

Dark & Dreamy ~ Every room could use a little black or other dark color.   There’s just something about black that helps to ground a space.  In my laundry room I made this Check Your Pockets sign painting the frame with black crackle.

$25 Armoire Goes Creamy White

Cream’ification ~ I adore the color white (or I guess it’s actually the lack of color)…. well whatever it is, it’s my favorite color because it makes everything else shine.  Your wall color looks so much more amazing next to crisp white crown molding.  Whether it’s in molding or a piece of furniture, creamy white helps to accentuate the other beauties in your room.

Faux Wood Clock goes silver with Acrylic Paint

Shine ~ Every room could use a little shine and glam.  Maybe it’s from a metallic silver clock or a gold lamp.  There’s lots of ways to add a little shine to a space.

How to Ombre Paint A Room

Paint ~ There is no cheaper way to update a space than paint!  The feel of the room will instantly change… the look of the furniture will change… paint is amazingMy oldest daughter’s bedroom got an ombre paint makeover which completed her beachy room.

Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial

Memories… I love adding family memories to a room.  Filling a mason jar lamp with shells the kiddos collected or a bowl with acorns during the fall.  Mementos of family memories are a sweet décor addition.

Looking Glass Spray Paint Pinecones ~ Rustic Glam Mantel

Nature… bring the outdoors in!  During each season there are many ways you can bring the outdoors in.  During the spring flowers are a great addition.  During the summer I love shells and during the fall leaves and acorns.

So those are my Ten Things that Make a Room.  Can you think of anything else you love to see in a space?  Do share…


  1. Thank you for this list. It’s so simple I have to wonder why I never thought of it. I love the idea of adding memories. Off to go add some of these touches!

  2. This is such wonderful advice! I am currently decorating my master bedroom and this post is so inspiring and gives me ideas I hadn’t thought of. Pinning so I can refer back to it. Thanks for sharing! PS Your home is so gorgeous!

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