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12 Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Today I’m tackling bathroom organization.  Are you ready to organize your home?  As soon as the presents have been unwrapped I’m ready to pack up the Christmas goods and wanting to organize every room in my home.  Over the next week or so I’ll be sharing some great organization ideas I’ve found for different areas of your home.

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12 Bathroom Organization Ideas

12 Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Great way to add extra storage with an over the door shelf via Martha Stewart


  1. Hello Maryann,
    Thank you so much for doing this post. Especially, bathroom cleaning tools organization. Such very helpful tips. Keep it up.

  2. These 12 ideas are just blowing my mind away. Thanks for sharing and caring about organizing. It’s really necessary to lead a happy life.

  3. I’m new to Pinterest and just came across your site. I love it. Great ideas. Please keep them coming

  4. Lots of great ideas! Wish my bathroom was bigger so I could add some of these!!

    We actually installed a shelf over our bathroom door last year, and since then we added shelving above the door, all the way around the room, in our laundry room. You get so much storage space there, and it doesn’t make the room feel any smaller.

    Happy New Year!

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