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12 Painted Furniture Pieces

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Happy Sunday Friends!  You all know how much I adore paint… so I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the furniture pieces I’ve painted over the years.  I’m still amazed at how paint can instantly transform a piece or a room… adore paint!  All of these pieces were freebies, Craiglist scores and one we bought in a cheap auction storage unit.

12 Painted Furniture Pieces ~ Finding free furniture, Craigslist finds and more

Let’s check them out…

chalk paint, melon knob

This dresser we found in a storage unit that we purchased.  Some creamy white paint and some new knobs and this piece was a winner.

This princess dresser all creamy white was boring brown laminate.  Some white paint and bright pink knobs was all it needed.

Domestically Speaking: Almost Espresso Gray Paint

This was a roadside freebie buffet.  I originally painted her black but her latest update she went a deep gray.

This armoire was a $25 craigslist find.  I painted her a creamy white and updated her hardware with some oil rubbed bronzed spray paint.


A freebie table was updated with chalkboard paint for my sewing table.

This was a $1 garage sale chair that I updated with some apple green paint.


This use to be my grandma’s dresser.  I created a fun gingham pattern with paint.

Surfer Girl Bookshelf

I added some wave detail to my daughter’s bookshelf with painter’s tape and white acrylic paint.

[desk 1[9].jpg]

This was a craigslist freebie desk.  She was already white but she got a fresh coat of white paint and some pretty new hardware.

Old Armoire updated with Gray Paint

This TV armoire was given to us for free by our neighbors.  I painted it with some light gray paint.

How to create a zinc finish with acrylic paint!

This gray desk was updated with a faux zinc look using a variety of acrylic paint.

My free craigslist chairs got a chalk-like paint update with a mixture of freebie paints.

Free and cheap furniture is a great way to get your feet wet if you’ve never painted furniture.  Checking your local craigslist for great deals and your neighborhood garage sales is a great way to find some pieces.

Happy painting friends!


  1. Hi Maryann, I love how you transform old furniture. As for the apple green chair, did you use spray paint? How many coats did it take? I have 4 pf those that I will be painting soon and wasn’t sure what kind of paint to use. I would very much appreciate your advice. Thanks.


    1. Hi Allyna ~ Yes… I did use spray paint. If I remember correctly I think it took 2-3 light coats to cover.

  2. Your painted pieces are all just beautiful! I love how you transform them with your painting skills! I have more paint on me than anything else! I need more practice, I suppose. Maryann, I really am crazy about your armoire, it’s awesome!
    Have a wonderful Sunday~

    1. Thanks Nancy! Yes… practice definitely helps. I rarely change into paint clothes now-days… I know… horrible! One of these days it’s going to bite me in the tushie.

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