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Making a Family Sign

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Today I’m going to share about Making a Family Sign with a cabinet door.

Making a Family Sign

This week I’ve got a fun “family” sign to share.  This sign didn’t come without its share of pain.  If you follow me on Facebook you know that while making this cutie, I dropped the cabinet door on my foot… ouchie!

I found an old cabinet door at Habitat for Humanities Restore for only 75 cents. 

Used Cabinet Door Turned into a Sign

How to Make a Family Sign

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I gave the cabinet a good sanding and cleaning.  Then I stained it with General Finishes in Java (a great gel stain).  I’m a bit of a staining rebel.  You know how they tell you to rub on the stain and let it sit a bit then wipe away… yah, I don’t do that.  I brush it on with a foam brush and just let it dry… I know, I’m a bit crazy.  I love it, especially when you’re going for a dark color like Java. You can totally get away with this using gel stain.

Creating letters on a sign

Once dry I took the word, “FAMILY” that I printed out in outline style (save that ink) and with a pen traced over the letters firmly.  Depending on how soft your wood is will determine how much indentation you’ll get.  My wood cabinet door was a harder wood, but I was still able to see the lines.

Painting the Letters

With a small paintbrush, I painted on the lines.  With this look, you are painting the outer spaces and leaving the lettering stained (LOVE this look).

I painted with Glidden’s pebble gray for the outer space.

Once the letters are painted just paint in the rest of the outer space.

DIY Family Sign Project

I used some fine sandpaper to scuff up the edges… I thought a little distressing was in order.

Adding  some worn details

How to Make a Sign

I love the addition to our family room!

How to Paint a Sign

Other DIY Signs


  1. Going yo habitat tomorrow? Can’t wait to try to this project!! Thank you for the tips they’re so help!

  2. I love that you used an old cabinet door! Can you tell me how you print the letters in outline style?


  3. I might just need to be patient – but I’m just excited and wanna be first, haha – but can’t seem to link up tonight?! There’s nowhere to link up. Maybe you forgot the code… 🙂

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