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Storage Auction Dresser Treasure

Thanks for Sharing!

I’ve got a Storage Auction Dresser Treasure to share with you! A few weeks ago we purchased our third auction unit.  One of the goodies we found in there was a dresser.  It was in sad shape… just needed some love and some paint! So I’ve got a pretty Storage Auction Dresser Treasure to share with you!  Here she is after her makeover…

white and wood dresser

Isn’t she pretty!  Here’s her before shot…

storage dresser

Just drab and boring.  I loved the size of it though and those cute key-holes!

So I mixed up some homemade chalk paint.  I mixed about 2-3 tbsp. of plaster of paris with 1 tbsp. of hot water to make a paste.  Then I added 1 cup of white paint to the paste and mixed well.  Now your paint will probably start to thicken as you work, at least mine always does.  I just added about a teaspoon of water and mixed it back up and you can go back to painting.

painting dresser

I’ve put this cute dresser out in our entry way.

white and wood painted dressser

melon knobs

I love the ceramic melon knobs I found.  The small ones on top I found at Hobby Lobby (one of favorite places) and the bottom drawers I purchased from Ebay.

melon knobs

The ones from Ebay were tan (couldn’t find white) – so they got a spray job… some pretty white spray paint.

storage unit dresser

I decided to keep the drawers with their wood finish because I love the white/brown combo.

storage unit dresser makeover

closeup dresser makeover

You want to see the other really cool part of this dresser?

Check out the back!

melon knob, chalk paint

Isn’t that cool!  It looks like pallets or something.   The strange thing is I can’t find any name, etc. on it anywhere to find where/when it was made.  It’s a mystery.

melon knob, chalk paint

I gave the edges of little distressing because I thought it worked well with the style.

white and wood dresser makeover

We found a really cool mirror in the storage unit that I’m going to paint up to hang above this.


  1. Hi, Your piece turned out real pretty. The closest Hobby Lobby to me is about 45 minutes away so I don’t go often but I really love shopping there. I always check out their knobs. Great job…Connie

  2. I have a couple of dressers with the same type of back as yours, but only for one of which do I know the background. And I must say I winced when I saw you painted yours because of my own experience. We were gifted the chest, painted with a gawdawful spatter paint finish, in ’66–yeah, long time ago. I painted it again, in a style popular at the time, and then a couple times after that. Eventually, I lent it to my sis and she began stripping it. The most gorgeous wood emerged from under about six layers of paint. (It has a quarter-sawn oak veneer.) She found a patent date on the lock of 1880 and handed it back over to me, and I had it professionally refinished. The refinisher gave us his opinion that the chest was probably from the early 1900s. Apparently, my MIL painted it when she was pregnant with one of her daughters–the first paint layer was pink. The eldest of my sisters-in-law is now 85; the youngest would have been 81. I know oak’s not a popular wood finish right now, but this piece has pride of place in my guest bedroom. And believe me, oak will return!

    Even though I winced at the painting, it does look gorgeous!

  3. LOVE what you did with this darling dresser! Those little knobs really add a great finishing touch! We have thought of going to a storage auction before. In fact, I’m watching Storage Wars right now LOL! We may attempt one this weekend – 50 units! Thanik you for the inspiration! I’ll be following and looking forward to reading more! Hugs, Leena

    1. Oh you must go Leena! We’ve had a blast going over the past couple months. We love all those storage shows too.

    1. Wow Katie… I’d love it you could find what time period it’s from. That pallet back is so interesting to me.

  4. I love that piece, Maryanne! I have been looking for something that I could paint and leave the drawers stained. I just love that look.
    Thanks for hosting again. I can’t believe I have had two projects to link up lately! 🙂
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Traci! I hope you find a great piece soon. The white/stain combo is so classic… love it too. So glad you were able to link up again.

    1. Thanks Cassie! I’m adoring the knobs. Their pretty scallop edges are too sweet. Can’t wait to see your project!

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