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153rd Power of Paint Party… Crackled Silver Pears

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Welcome Paint Lovers to this week’s Power of Paint Party… a party about paint and only paint!

paint, pear, silver, party

This week I’ve been doing some crackling.  I had purchased a bunch of plastic fruit at Dollar Tree a few months ago and had given them a creamy makeover with some white spray paint.  I wanted to change it up a bit so I thought I’d try the cheap crackle technique I used on my laundry sign.

paint, party, glue, tutorial

This technique is SO cool and SUPER cheap, especially if you stock up on white glue at Back-to-School time.

Once you have your base coat of paint on and it’s dry, load up a foam brush with some white glue and make single strokes to cover your surface well.   You want to try to not brush back on top of where you’ve put the glue as it will start to pull it off and make sure you have plenty of glue on your brush, replenishing as needed.

Let the glue sit for 5 minutes… that’s all.

paint, glue, tutorial, party

Then load up your brush with the top coat paint color.  I used a shimmery silver acrylic paint.   Using the same technique as with the glue, brush on top of the glued surface.

As the glue and paint dry… the magic happens!

tutorial, paint, glue, party

tutorial, glue, party, fruit

Don’t they look cool!  You can see a more detailed tutorial on this technique here, where I did my laundry room sign.

So what have you been painting?

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