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$2 Night Stand!

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While garage sale browsing I came across this sad, pathetic, in need of much TLC night stand.  I was needing a night stand for our master bedroom and I loved the $2 price tag she was asking.

So I took her home and sanded her down, but the top still needed a bunch of work.  I took a screwdriver to chisel the top and try to remove the chipped tabletop. 

After much chipping, some more sanding, some primer and paint she was a much improved.

She still needs a handle.  I’m thinking about maybe putting a mirror tile on the top ~ to add a little glam and to cover the grooves ~ what do you think?  Maybe a crystal knob too?

The lamp base I got at a garage sale for $1 ~ a little Oil Rubbed Bronzed spray paint made her shine.  The shade is from the Pottery Barn Outlet for 49 cents ~ YES ~ 49 cents!  Crazy… I grabbed the 3 they had left.  Eventually I’ll add something to the lampshade. Our master bedroom is one of those projects that I’m still needing inspiration to start.  I’m not sure exactly what style I want to do… I want new bedding and then I’ll pick paint color ~ oh well, one room, one project at a time!

I’m joining Miss Mustard Seed Creations Furniture Feature Friday!


  1. FYI….. Next time grab your iron set it to cotton setting and when it is nice and hot put it on the veneer that's not lifting up and set it directly on it and wait a few 1-2 minutes and then have a metal scraper handy and use it to lift the piece you just had the Iron on should lift right off and keep going till it's all off. and then the only thing you will need to sand is glue residua. I have a $2 thrift store iron just for projects like this.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and am loving what you were able to do with this side table. I have an old little dressor with morror that was FREE but it needs a lot of work. We just moved into a 1949 fixer upper and I feel like everything I own needs work! We are just trying to get into the hosue by Christmas-so for now-the dresser will have to wait! I too am new to the blogging world and hope to build followers as you have! check me out at:

  3. Love the side table! What a price! I think it would look gorgeous with the mirrored top and a crystal knob. I'm sure you could find a great one at Hobby Lobby when they are half price! And that shade…I can not believe the price! And at Pottery Barn of all places! What a steal!

  4. Fabulous! I have so many pieces of furniture that need to be redone…just need a little kick in the behind 🙂 Great job on yours!

  5. Wow! $2 table and 49 cents? What deals! I think a mirror and crystal knob and you're going to have a show piece! Great job! I"m using a cardboard box with a cloth to cover it. I need to keep my eyes open! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thanks for voting too – slow day and your comment made me smile and soooo grateful! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I found a little gem similar to yours and took a chisel to it too :). Oh the wonders of what a little spray paint can do! It looks great and I like the plans you have for it.

  7. You can't even buy gum for 49 cents…crazy! Greta find. And I've chipped away at vineer like that before…I appreciate your hard work. I love the idea of a mirrored top and glass knob. That would look great. If you do that, you'll have to link up to FFF again, so we can see it.

  8. I so need to go shopping with you girl! Those are some great deals and great transformations! Love them all!

    Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back for more!

  9. You did a great job on it…looks so nice! I vote yes on the crystal knob. It just seems like it would go since you have that vase on top. As far as what you do with the top, I think it would look fine either way.


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