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2nd Master Bedroom Reveal… Beautiful Stenciled Wall

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Last night I revealed Phase 1 of our master bedroom makeover… our new master bedroom paint color.  You can read all about it in the Power of Paint Party.  Today I’m sharing the beautiful feature wall I created with a stencil.  I love how it’s simple, yet has a bit of shine (I mixed some shimmery paint in it).

Updated a master bedroom with a shimmery silver blue stencil focal wall


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So here’s the step-by-step:

To create my custom paint color for my stenciled area I took some of the blue paint that I had recently painted on our master bedroom wall and add 2 bottles of White Pearl and about 1/2 bottle of Shimmering Silver.

Mixing pearl white and shimmery silver paint to my wall color to create a stenciled focal wall


I started in the upper left corner of my focal wall.

Taping up the stencil to start the stenciled focal wall


I started about an inch down from the ceiling (mainly to make it easier with taping).  Make sure to use your level to make sure your starting point is straight.

I coated the roller and then gently rolled it on a paper towel to remove any excess paint.

Rolling off excess paint before rolling on stencil


Then came the nervous fun of painting!  I gently rolled over the stencil, reloading the roller after finishing about  1/2 the stencil.

See that extra section of hourglass on the upper right side?  There is one on the lower, left too.

master stencil 2

You use those to help line up the next row.  Once you get the first couple rows lined up and rolled it moves pretty quickly.

Look what you can create in just a few hours…

Updated a master bedroom with a shimmery silver blue stencil focal wall

I love the shimmer that the acrylic paint added making it just enough to where you can just see the design but it’s not GLARING in your face.

Gorgeous master bedroom stencil with some shimmer paint added to wall color

Just what our room needed!
If you love stencils like I do check these out too…
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  1. I love the stencil and color – beautiful! You did a great job! Look forward to seeing more! 😉

    Feel better.

  2. WOW! This is fabulous! I know how much work you put into this, so very pretty!

  3. I love the stencil you picked out. It's one of my favorites. It looks so good on your bedroom wall. It just adds a nice something extra to that wall!

  4. LOVE IT! THE STENCIL IS GORGEOUIS! {TRANSLATION; gorj-waaah!} great job, when can u stencil my blue bdrm wall? hehe!

  5. That is one awesome looking wall. I can't wait to link over and read the tutorial. I love everything about it…the design, the colors you chose. Amazing job!

  6. Looking Good! I bought the damask stencil years ago with great intentions but failed to try it yet. The thought of corners intimidated me but I might just get brave and go for it after we repaint the bedroom.Thanks for sharing.

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