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3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub… Choose your own scent!

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My favorite, super simple… 3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub is perfect to get your skin ready for summer.  Other than being super easy, it’s super customizable – which I love.  Make it any scent you love! This homemade sugar scrub is a great gentle exfoliation and makes great gifts.

Beautiful blue mason jar with sugar scrub

I have dry skin naturally and in Southern California, we don’t get a lot of moisture, even during the winter.  So my skin craves a good scrub. And I love a DIY project that you can use on your skin. I love storing it in a mason jar and keeping it in the shower. This is a great way to get those dead skin cells off.

Get rid of your dry skin by making your own body scrub

Sugar Scrub Ingredients List

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How To Make Sugar Scrub

Add all your ingredients (sugar, baby oil or coconut oil, and body wash) into a bowl and stir the mixture until combined to make this DIY sugar scrub. If you use coconut oil you need to get it to liquid form. A few seconds in the microwave and you’ll have the coconut oil melted. Right now I’m loving Beautiful Day’s body wash from Bath and Body Works… so that’s what I used in this batch. It’s a green-toned body wash, but you really can’t even see the green tint once it’s mixed all together. If you wanted you could add food coloring to match the scent you’ve got going on.

You could emphasize a scent in this sugar scrub recipe by using essential oils. Some body washes have no scent or minimum scent so using essential oil is a great option. Sugar body scrubs are a great natural exfoliant, which when you live 80% of the year in flip-flops you definitely need. Some great essential oil scents would be lavender, grapefruit, lemon, vanilla, or coconut. Lots of great sugar scrub variations you can make.

I’ve been storing my sugar scrub in a pretty blue mason jar.

Sugar Scrub - Super Easy - only 3 ingredients!

These scrubs make great Christmas gifts, so start planning now.

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Easy to make DIY sugar scrub with only 3 ingredients that you probably have in your home right now!  I love that you can easily customize this homemade scrub to the scent you love!


  1. I just made this body scrub I’ll never buy scrub again was so easy and quick and skin feels amazing I used caster sugar instead of normal sugar as I have sensitive skin and it feels lovely thanks for the Awsome easy recipie

    1. Bookish – I’ve never used it on my face. If your skin is sensitive you might not want to try. You could lower the amount of sugar also, to make it less abrasive.

  2. This is definitely a fun blog tour/hop/showcase and I cannot wait to try this. I am sure your skin feels just like a baby’s and I so need this!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh yes.. I’m in Southern California and we’ve been having flip-flop weather so my heels have been needing it too.

  3. This sounds great! I’m sure it does have a wonderful fragrance with the body wash in it. I did a scrub, too… my skin is so dry this time of year. Having such fun with the Showcase tour!! Going to pin yours now! Blessings… Sondra

  4. This sugar scrub sounds wonderful. My skin has really gotten dry this winter and this is sure to solve my problem. I think Ball should make plastic versions of their jars for projects like this.

  5. I just recently started making my own body scrub, and I love it! I haven’t seen a recipe with body wash added. So my next batch I will add the body wash and give that a try. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Pinning!

  6. This is great! I have sugar and body wash on hand, and have been wondering what to do with my baby oil. (Which I used when my kids were tots.) Will give this a try – the winter is drying out y skin!

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