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3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub… Choose your own scent!

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My favorite, super simple… 3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub is perfect to get your skin ready for summer.  Other than being super easy, it’s super customizable – which I love.  Make it any scent you love!

Beautiful blue mason jar with sugar scrub

3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

I have dry skin naturally and in Southern California we don’t get a lot of moisture, even during the winter.  So my skin craves a good scrub.   And I love a DIY project that you can use on your skin.

Get rid of your dry skin by making your own body scrub

Sugar Scrub Ingredients List (affiliate links provided for your convenience)


Add all your ingredients into a bowl and stir till combined.  If you use coconut oil you need to get it to liquid form.  A few seconds in the microwave and you’ll have it melted.  Right now I’m loving Beautiful Day’s body wash from Bath and Body Works… so that’s what I used in this batch.  It’s a green toned body wash, but you really can’t even see the green tint once it’s mixed all together.  If you wanted you could add food coloring to match the scent you’ve got going on.

I’ve been storing my sugar scrub in a pretty blue mason jar.

Sugar Scrub - Super Easy - only 3 ingredients!

This works great to get your feet ready for those warmer days that are coming!

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Easy to make DIY sugar scrub with only 3 ingredients that you probably have in your home right now!  I love that you can easily customize this homemade scrub to the scent you love!


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