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34th PoPP & How to crackle…

Thanks for Sharing!

This last week I shared with you guys my newest laundry room sign…

if you missed all the details on how I took a door from a free roadside end table to create this cutie click HERE for all the info.

I promised I would share with you how I made this SUPER cool crackle paint effect…

with guess what… cheap, white glue!!!

OK… here is all the super, simple details:

{Step 1}

Paint your piece with your base coat.  On my sign I did my base coat with white acrylic paint.  I painted a few coats till the wood was fully covered.

{Step 2} 

Once your base coat is fully dried, take white glue and with a foam brush, apply your glue in thick even strokes trying not to overlap.  I put a lot of glue on my brush and made one long stroke till the glue appeared to be thinning and then re-dipped my brush.  Once your whole area is covered it will look something like this…

Nice and shiny!

{Step 3}

Let your glue dry for ONLY 5 MINUTES!  Then take your top coat paint, in this project I used black acrylic paint, and you want to paint like you did with the glue… in thick, even & non-over-lapping strokes.

Here is what starts to happen after only 1 minute:

and after 5 minutes… a little more cracking…

and after 30 minutes…

Isn’t that SO COOL!!!  With white school glue on sale for only 20-25 cents you could be crackling a TON!

One last look at the final effects on my laundry sign…

I’m sharing my cheap, easy crackle paint tutorial at the parties in my “PARTIES” menu bar button! 


So what have you been painting?

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  1. I love it! That effect with the glue is so cheap and easy, thanks for sharing! I also read your original post about the sign and had to laugh that your laundry room is a "dungeon", be thankful, I have to trek out to the garage:(

  2. a girl after my own heart! i <3 cabinet doors! they are great for making chalkboards too! when i can't find then for free {on the side of the road} i will get them at the restore for about a buck! that is a beautiful sign-must copy you! is the lettering painted on or do you have a cricut? man, i really need one of those! thanks for hosting!

  3. That came out so cool! My May blog post about this cheap crackle paint finish is still number one on my blog, happy that the info is spreading out there and being used. It's almost like magic, I tell ya!

  4. This is AWESOME! I can never get this effect with the normal crackle paint. I think I better go buy myself some glue.

  5. Pam @ BeColorful ~ usually refreshing the page will solve the problem. I am able to view it fine on my browser. If you want to email me the link, name, etc I will link it up for you.

  6. Last week I was left wondering how you got that effect! Now I know! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

    Erin @ TOTEally Posh!

  7. mary ann, I have joined countless of these parties and I have reloaded this page several times but when I go to press the a add thumbnail button it is buried behind the You MIght Also Like and I can't proceed. Wondering if this is happening to anyone else?

  8. I've only used crackle medium a couple of times since I discovered "glue" works perfectly! Glue is so cheap, and perfect for crackle finish. Glad you're getting the word out.

    ps thanks for hosting! 🙂

  9. OMGosh whodathunkit?!?!?! A CHEAP way to crackle!! Yay=)) I'm SO getting more 25 cent glue today!! Thanks for sharing this=))

  10. WOW — Elmers glue? …and I think of the big bucks I have spent in the past on crackle products, which don't work near as well. Thanks so much for the great tip!

  11. Hi Maryann, thanks for that tutorial. You have convinced me I must find out if I can still buy that cheap white paint over here.
    Thank you for the party, I am happy to join in again.

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