4th of July Decor Crafts

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I’ve got some 4th of July Decor Crafts that you’ll love to make. These patriotic decorations are great for yourself or as a hostess gift if you’re heading for a cookout. So let’s check out how to make these do-it-yourself 4th of July decorations!

4th of July craft decor

4th of July Craft Supplies:

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Supplies for 4th of July Craft

Patriotic Craft Assembly

Use a foam paint brush to paint the wood pieces with white chalk paint.

Paint wood piece with chalk paint

Cut designs out of the paper plate to fit the wood blocks. The center of the square plate fits perfectly inside the wood frame.

Cutting apart 4th of July plate

Gauge where to place the designs from the paper plate on the wood. Add Mod Podge to the back of each design with a foam brush and place on to the wood. The Mod Podge acts as glue and will adhere quickly.

Gluing down with mod podge

Wrap the Jute string three times around the bottom of the wood house and around the side of the wood block. Adhere the ends of the Jute string with hot glue.

Jute twine for craft

Cut approximately a 2-inch piece of Jute string and shape it into an oval. Glue this Jute oval to the bottom of the woodblock (opposite side of where you previously wrapped the Jute string). This will make the woodblock sit level.

Wrapping the jute twine

Make bows from the Jute String. To make these bows, wrap the string around your fingers 3 times leaving a long tail before you start wrapping and after. Cut the end of the string from the spool. Slide the string off your fingers and pinch the circle of string in the middle. Take one end of the string and wrap it 1-2 times around the middle and adhere with hot glue. Cut tails to desired length. Glue bows to the wood pieces using hot glue. Use a dab of glue to hold the tails of the bow in place around the wood frame.

Adding jute bows

Make a stand for the wood frame if needed to stand on it’s own vs. leaning against other decor props. Glue 2 sets of 2 wood cubes together to create legs. Glue each leg to the back of the frame approximately 1 inch above the bottom and inset approximately 1 inch from the side.

Adding frame stand

Now comes the fun of setting up your fun patriotic decor!

Patriotic craft decor

Here it’s set up on a metal tray with some greenery.

4th of July red pickup

I love the red pickup truck! Such a classic Americana vibe.

Home of the Brave Home Sign

I hope you get a chance to make these 4th of July Decor Crafts too!

Patriotic Craft

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