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4th of July Ribbon Flag

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The other day I was roaming around Family Fun’s website when I came across this adorable 4th of July Ribbon Flag craft idea. It’s super simple & I had almost everything on hand… just needed stars…

4th of July Ribbon Flag craft idea

4th of July Ribbon Flag Supplies:

  •  7/8” grosgrain ribbon in red, white & blue
  • something 12” long (a ruler, I used an old paint stick)
  • stars or something that will resembles stars (they used silver pom-poms)
  • fabric glue or I used my trusty glue gun.. love her!

Ribbon lengths to cut:

  • red:  four 14 1/2” & three 24”
  • white:  three 14 1/2” & three 24”
  • blue: seven 10 1/2”

To start the assembling glue the seven blue strips to the red and white 14 1/2” strips.  You want the blue to overlap the red or white.  The measurements are such that you can overlap about 1/2 inch.

ribbon flag 2 

Then start with your 24” red at the far right side of the paint stirrer…  then a 24” white, till all the 24” strips are glued down.

ribbon flag 10

Then glue on the blue strips… the important part is lining up the base of the blue strip into a straight line.

Once all the strips were glued down I put a strip of blue ribbon across the top on the paint stirrer to cover up the edges.

ribbon flag 8

I love how the bottom of the ribbon just curls a bit.  If you wanted it to hang taut you could glue a penny to the back end of each of the strips.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. what a simple and supercute idea! i am always happy when ideas are shared that i can actually do. 😉

  2. That is so cute, and so simple! I think next year, I'll let each of my kids do one for their bedroom doors (or as decoration around the house). Thanks for sharing! Happy 4th!!!

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