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6 Inspiring DIY Projects… Feature Friday

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Happy Friday Friends!  I hope you’ve had a great week.  We enjoyed our final week of summer vacation spending a lot of hours at the beach and spending time with family.    What a fun party we had this week.  In my Friday Features this week I’m highlighting some great DIY Projects.

6 Inspiring DIY Projects

Let’s check out these Inspiring DIY Projects…


  1. Hi Maryann,
    Thanks for featuring my Café sign! I’ve only just got back into blogging and I’m so honoured to be featured on someone else’s blog that has such amazing talent and contributors.
    Melanie x

  2. Whenever I see all the amazing projects bloggers do I’m so blown away and impressed with exceptional talent out there. I had no idea until I started reading blogs, it’s wonderful. All the hands on making, redoing, cooking, baking, etc. is phenomenal to me. Glad to see it.
    I get so tired of seeing the throw-away mentality. My youngest son’s wife gets rid of all her clothes after every season, so she doesn’t have to pack them up. She did that with her kids clothes also instead of passing them on.
    I”m still wearing things I had in CA and we left there in /92. Guess it depends on how somebody raised, when parents born. I was raised by depression era parents. Common sense, make do, ideas like that. If it’s still good keep it. To see young women redo old furniture to make some money for her family is heartening. Don’t know where all that came from but it is way I feel. Happy weekend

  3. Thanks you for featuring my Ballard Designs Knockoff chair! I am honored to join a wonderful group of projects this week!! Can’t wait to try several of them myself!

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