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Add This Cheery Tag To Your Spring Plants!

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This month at Little Yellow Couch, we are impatiently waiting for spring to show up.  To jump start the season, we’re craving a bit of green and have tucked few small plants around our homes.  What about you?  Know anyone who needs a little pick-me-up this time of year?  These sweet little tags would be the perfect adornment for a “just because” gift.  Succulents are terrific plants that offer lots of structural beauty without much maintenance.  Or use our herb tags for your own windowsill garden.  They pop of happy colors sitting in your kitchen everytime you go to snip some herbs is sure to make you smile just a bit.  And who doesn’t need a cheerful reminder that mild weather and bright sun are just around the corner?  Simply print, cut and glue to a long craft stick or wooden skewer.

Happy Spring!

Karen June & Zanra

Little Yellow Couch


Print out your own:

Plant Flags

Gift Tags

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