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Always Give Thanks Burlap Pillow

Thanks for Sharing!

Hello, I am Vanessa from DIY180 and I am so happy to be here today to share one of my burlap projects. Thank you Maryann for having me here today and for this fun burlap lovers series.

Do you love making easy fall decor? Well, here is one easy project you can make for your home and some as gifts. I still love burlap for so many reasons, but my number one reason is because I love the neutral color of the fabric and how easy you can paint it, wash it and sew it. What is there not to love about burlap?

Supplies for burlap pillow:

  • Burlap fabric (2 different colors of burlap)
  • Or you can purchase a burlap bag like I did
  • Pillow insert or any stuffing you may have on hand
  • Stencil or freehand
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon or Burlap twine 
  • Burlap flower (either one you make or store bought
  • Gold sharpie pen
1. Cut your color fabric 9 x 9 inches. This next part I just free hand or you can use a stencil but write out the words “Always give thanks” using your Sharpie gold pen. 
2. Once you have finished the writing glue. Color the fabric to the center of the burlap bag. Next insert your pillow form or stuffing in the burlap bag and tie off with twine or ribbon. 
3. Finally glue your fabric burlap flower and you are done.


Didn’t I tell you this was an easy project? This is a great gift to give to teachers, family or friends. Thank you for having me and love for you to stay in touch on my social media sites. 
Need a fall project idea?  


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