Aqua’fied Glass

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How to make Aqua’fied Glass. I forgot to show you one of my fav items I made for the Kiddo’s Party this last weekend! I tinted glass a beautiful blue.

Aqua'fied Glass

We decided that red and aqua would be our colors… so after seeing how The Traveling Thrifter used modge podge and food coloring to color glass… I thought aqua’fying some glass jars and bottles would be a super cute addition to their party!

It’s SO simple.  I used some of the mason jars I still had leftover from the Pottery Barn mason jar candleholders I had made and other random jars that I had washed well.

To cover 5 jars I only needed 1/8 cup of modge podge.

Did you know you can make modge podge?

Just mix equal parts of white school glue and water… SUPER SIMPLE & so much cheaper, especially if you purchase your glue right now with back-to-school sales!

How to make Aqua’fied Glass

So…  once you have your modge podge (store or homemade) add the food color of choice.  Add a few drops at a time and mix… add more till you get the color you want.

Then you just brush it on the outside of your jars.  I used a foam brush.

I put them upside down on some kid cups.  This made it easier to paint on and the perfect place for the jars to dry.  The closest jar in the photo above had just been brushed, where the one behind had already started to dry.  I did 2 thin coats.

I LOVE the results!

I think this bottle turned out to be my favorite.  It’s a Rose’s grenadine bottle… I love my Roy Roger!

Such a pretty aqua… just perfect for the party!

I used some of the bottles to hold the utensils with a bit of red tissue paper.

Such a fun project with endless possibilities… any glass any color!


  1. I had no idea! Well-actually, I had heard of it-never knew it worked so well! Fabulous idea!
    Thanks for your kind words about my kitchen-so sweet of you to feature it! You made my day!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Such a fun idea for a party. Thanks for sharing the homemade mod podge tip. I need to go stock up on glue while it is so cheap right now!

  3. I did this for my wedding centre pieces several years ago using red and cream on sake bottles with red gerbera daisies! It turned out wonderfully, but after a few years the ones we kept started to flake and get sticky so I ended up just washing them off.
    Here from Tidy Mom, happy weekend!

  4. I'd have never thought to use the food coloring, nor would I have figured it would set up like this. (Maybe that's why I didn't do well in chemistry.) Thanks!!

  5. Great color combination, and I appreciate the tip about the glue….Maryann, do you think that these would hold up well out-of-doors in the rain?

  6. I absolutely LOVE this tutorial! I'm always saving pickle jars and jelly jars when they're empty. Now I can color them and make them match my Ball mason jars! Thanks!! 🙂

  7. thanks for the link to my site! Glad you got a chance to use this wonderful idea!
    I love that you mentioned the home made mod podge. I found that Elmer's is the best kind to use for this as cheap glue is "cheap" lol so weathering isn't great. I also painted the inside of my glasses for a different idea to keep the outer side of the glass smooth and that works great as well, however IF you are filling them with water its not a great idea to do the inside! Try baking them at 125 to "set" the mod podge too…
    LOVE the jars!

  8. never mind about the pop party…it just appeared…now that was too weird! I swear there was nothing there and then I went back to it and it was all there. hmmm….very strange!

  9. Very cute! I'm going today to get me some back to school glue! (.25 at Walmart…gotta stock up!) Hey did you know your power of paint party doesn't have a link up part? I came to link up a project and there's nothing there. :0)
    Have a great rest of the week!

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