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Ballard’ish Rope Cloche

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Happy Monday Friends…

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We had another hot one here.  All this hot weather is making me long for fall even more.  I thought I’d get a start on a project that I plan to include on my fall mantel.

Ballard Designs

I thought this was the perfect accessory to transition from summer to fall.  I was completely inspired to create this when I saw this…

Greenhouse Cloche

on the Ballard Designs site… oh so cute, right!  So I needed to create my own version.

Last month I tried out a pin I saw on Pinterest on cutting glass.  You can read all the how to here… but bottom line it worked and I loved it! 

So I had this cool bottle with the bottom cut off and I thought… perfect!

Ballard Designs

I gathered some rope I had on hand.  I slipped the rope through the top and tied off the end with three knots.  Then knotted the off the top.  Then finished with a knot at the other end of the rope.

rope cloche 6

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs

It’s lookin’ cute on my summer mantel with a bunch of seashells underneath.

ballard designs

My brain is spinning on what I’ll show-off with it on my fall mantel… hum…

ballard designs

ballard designs

Love it and I had everything on hand… so a free to me project… bonus points!

Thanks for stopping by friends.  Have a wonderful week…


  1. Oh cool! I already have a bottle in mind. I’ll need to go rescue it from the recycling bin!

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