Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

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I’ve got a fun DIY Bamboo Sunburst Mirror to share with you guys. I was inspired to create a new mirror to place on the ledge shelf above our Wallpaper Beadboard Wall in our family room.

DIY Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

DIY Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

A while ago my parents scored some damaged bamboo fencing on clearance for a couple of bucks. They gave them to me knowing I’d figure out something to do with them eventually. Well, inspiration finally hit to turn those bamboo shades into a fun bamboo mirror.

closeup of a bamboo mirror

Bamboo Sunburst Mirror Supplies

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How to Make a Bamboo Mirror

The first step is cutting down that bamboo fence. My husband helped and cut most of them for me. I cut my bamboo slices about 1 1/2″ long, but it’s up to you. My suggestion is cut to the length you’re comfortable with. We used a miter saw, make sure you protect your eyes too.

Bamboo Mirror on a ledge shelf

Then I used hot glue to attach the bamboo slices. This part does take some time so I’d suggest setting yourself up with a good movie. You could also use craft adhesive glue. I started with my inner circle and worked my way out.

Decorative Bamboo Sunburst Mirror that you can make yourself.

You can see that the outer layer is glued to the bamboo row next to it. I just put the glue on the side and attached it that way.

Make a sunburst mirror using bamboo fencing.

I scored the mirror at a garage sale for 50 cents, so this mirror cost under $5, although it cost me only 50 cents and some time.

Make your own Bamboo Sunburst Mirror


  1. My soon-to-be sister-in law got crafty over the holidays and sent us some pretty awesome packages. One of the coolest was this DIY trivet, constructed from wine corks she’d been collecting.

  2. Yes! Brilliant… BRILLIANT… B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T use of materials. Repurpose and recycling genious!

    LOVIN’ it!

    Stopping by {for the first time} from TDC. I’ll be coming back!

    <3 Joanne
    @ Our Double-Wide in the Sky

  3. Wow, what an inspiration Maryann. I love it. I cannot wait to make it. Can you tell me how big across the bamboo circles were, they look wide like it was a big shade or pic is deceiving. Lol. I have to pin this its such a genius idea!

    1. Becky I used hot glue. The interior row I glued to the mirror and then the outer rows I glued to the edge of the interior bamboo. Does that make sense? A low heat glue gun & LOTS of glue sticks are a must… unless you don’t mind loosing layers of skin!

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