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Barstool Area Plank Wall with Leftover Flooring

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This project has been sitting around waiting to be done for ages… ok, maybe not ages… but about a year!  I think it was the end of last summer that I swung by one of my brother’s construction jobs to discover he had leftover/scrap pieces of nice wood flooring. Jackpot!!!  I had the kiddos help me load up the pieces and they sat in our garage till just a few weeks ago.  I had been waiting to do some sort of plank wall in the barstool area off our kitchen and I thought these would be perfect!  This wood is super nice quality and hard (which we discovered while nailing to the wall).  The front side had a beautiful finish, but I decided I wanted the backside of the planks to be showing.  I was going for a rustic look and the other side was just too pretty.

Can I tell you just how much I love it!

Barstool Plank Wall 7

Here’s what the area looked like before… just a boring white wall… I didn’t even paint it when I did the kitchen last year, because I knew I wanted a feature wall here.

Barstool Plank Wall Before

We used adhesive and our nailer to attach the boards to the wall.  Because they were the scrap pieces, some didn’t lay the same, so we decide to install them all before I had a little painting fun.

Barstool Plank Wall 2

This wood was hard and it took a while and some half-inserted-nails being removed till we almost mastered the installation process.

Barstool Plank Wall 1

We drew a line where the studs were to make installation quicker.  We also kept the planks at various lengths.

Barstool Plank Wall 4

After a few hours of cutting, gluing and nailing we had this!  LOVE!  But I wanted to add some fun to it.

So I painted of course!

Barstool Plank Wall 5

Since we installed all the pieces first I needed to tape off the boards.  I had decided to dry brush the boards with a light gray, a medium gray, two shades of teal blue, a light (beachy) green and white.

If you’ve never dry brushed… it’s SUPER easy.  Just dab the top of the brush bristles into the paint… almost like if you were stenciling.  Then on a paper plate or paper towel you want to dab most of the paint off.  You can always add more paint on.

Then gently brush the paint in the direction of the wood grain.  The paint natural falls into the various nooks and crannies.

Barstool Plank Wall 6

It took a couple hours for this process so I could let the boards dry before putting tape on top for the next color.

Barstool Plank Wall 9

I LOVE how it turned out!!!  I love how rustic it is… I love the pops of color… and I love that if the kiddos are kicking it I’m not going to care!

Barstool Plank Wall 8

Not bad for some free leftover flooring!!!

I’ve got a CUTE makeover of their barstools coming soon… adding some industrial to the space!!!

Creating a Plank Wall with Leftover Flooring


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  1. It looks great!

    I have some concern about the following remark that you made.
    “I had the kiddos help me load up the pieces and they sat in our garage till just a few weeks ago”.

    I hope it was the wood and not the kiddos that had to sit in the garage all that time!!! LOL!

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