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Bathroom Update for the Girls’ Bathroom

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I’ve been wanting to update the girls’ bathroom for ages.  Somehow they went from taking baths in their bathtub to taking showers in our shower.  They preferred the glass shower door in our shower… but we were ready to get them (and their many hair and body washes as they got older) back to their own bathroom.  So my solution was to install some glass shower doors on their tub.

After doing some research I was thrilled with what I learned about the Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology.  I wish I had this when the kiddos were younger!

Sterling Shower Door with ComforTrack makes bathing others a breeze

I remember how painful it was resting my arms on the regular shower door tracks when I’d bath the kiddos at my parents.  I don’t have to bath the kiddos anymore.  But Mittens gets a bath in the girls’ tub.

Makes giving your pet a bath easier.

Now Mittens doesn’t love her bath, but she’s gotten use to them since she’s been taking them in their tub since she was a kitten.

Having that padding to lean on makes the job so much easier for the girls.

Here’s a few tips we’ve discovered for bathing our cat.

  • start young – she’s been getting baths since 5 weeks and we give her one at least once a month (she’s an indoor only kitty)
  • fill the tub just a few inches high with lukewarm water before you bring the cat into the bathroom.  Mittens doesn’t like the sound of running water.
  • have all your supplies ready… cat shampoo and a towel
  • move quickly.  We use our hands to gently cup water onto her.
  • dry them just enough and if possible lay the towel in a sunny area for the cat to lay in to finish drying.

Mittens checking out the new Sterling Shower Doors

Mittens was curious to see what this ComforTrack technology was all about too.  The ComforTrack is a flexible bottom track that supports the shower door’s guide while making it so comfortable if you need to lean on it or even sit on it.  They’ve tested this baby to make sure it can withstand you using it by being flexible, but it’s also durable… so you know it’s going to last.

Sterling Prevail shower doors with the ComforTrack are available for both bath doors and shower doors too.

Here’s a great video that shows the ComforTrack in action.

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