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Best Blog Posts Ever | You Made These Top Ten Popular

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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging over 6 years now!  So crazy how a fun hobby turned into a full time business for my family.  I love being creative and I love that I get to share it as my job… it’s so unbelievable and I’m so grateful and thankful each day for each of you who joined me on this fun journey.  So I thought it would be fun to look back at my Best Blog Posts Ever!  So here’s the Top Ten most popular posts of all time at Domestically Speaking.

Best Blog Posts Ever the Top Ten Blog Posts at Domestically SpeakingIn traditional Top Ten fashion let’s count them down…

#10…  How to Remove Hard Water Stains

How to get rid of hard water stain - best blog posts ever

We were changing our kitchen faucet when I discovered hard water stains under the old faucet.  I decided to try an easy cleaning idea and was pleasantly surprised that is worked perfectly!

#9… For the Love of Mason Jars

For the Love of Mason Jars - Best blog posts ever

I adore mason jars and here’s a fun roundup I created years ago back when the mason jar trend was just getting started.

#8… Baked Penne Rigate

Baked Penne Rigate - Best blog posts ever

This pasta recipe is easy to put together and perfect for busy weeknights.

#7… Hanging Herb Mason Jars

Hanging Herb Mason Jars - Best blog posts ever

This is one of my favorite easy DIY Projects – I love that they are mason jars, that they are super cute blue and green colors

and that they hold fresh herbs.

#6… 12 Bathroom Organization Ideas

12 Bathroom Organization Ideas - Best blog posts ever

These bathroom organization ideas are loved by many… great ways to cut down on the clutter.

#5… Who Knew!

Who Knew - an easy way to make a sign from the Best blog posts ever

This is one of the easiest ways to put letters on a sign… shockingly easy!

#4… Gel Stained Garage Door

Gel Stained Garage Door - Best blog posts ever

I still am in awe everyday on how amazing our gel stained garage door still looks!

It took a few hours and cost less than $20!

#3… Kitchen Organization Ideas

12 Kitchen Organization Ideas - Best blog posts ever

Some great ideas to keep your kitchen organized and to maximum your space.

#2… Cheesy Goodness Recipes

Cheesy Goodness Recipes - Best blog posts ever

You can’t go wrong with melted cheese and they recipes all have that in common.

#1… Mini Blind Makeover

Mini blind makeover to roman shades - Best blog post every

These gorgeous roman shades use to be cheap mini blinds!

This tutorial shows you how you can make your own.

I hope you guys enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane to some great older posts and some newer ones too!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. My wife and I love visiting your blog for DIY ideas on how to make our home better. She’s currently using your post on roman blinds as reference for her DIY project. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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