Book Page Candle Holder

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Hey Friends! It’s Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs and I’m happy to be back here at Domestically Speaking to share with you a new 5 minute craft. Actually, this little project may take you less than 5 minutes, which is even better! Today, I’m sharing how to make a Book Page Candle Holder. It is such an easy way to add a little fun to a clear glass jar and perfect for a party or get together!

Book Page Candle Holders beautiful lit up with an led light

Initially, I was going to try to add pieces of book pages to the outside of the candle holder with Mod Podge, but after a few attempts to get things smooth, I just was not getting the results I was hoping for. Everything looked lumpy and bumpy. So, it was on to plan B. To make these super simple book page candle holders, you will need:

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I started out by cutting out the book pages and trimming around the text so there were fewer blank spaces. (If you don’t want to cut apart a real book pages, you can find printable pages online.) Then, after measuring my candle holders, I cut the pages to the correlating height.

Paint Book Pages With Mod Podge

I used 3 page pieces for one candle holder, but you may prefer to use more or less.

Paint Brush Glue Book Pages

Using a paint brush, I applied the Mod Podge to the end of two pieces of paper and overlapped the other pieces on top. If you don’t have Mod Podge, you can glue or tape the pieces together. Since I already had the Mod Podge out, I went ahead and used that.

Book Page Candle Glass Jar Supplies

Then, I added the book page insert to the inside of candle holder, making a round shape and overlapping the end pieces. Easy Peasy. Feel free to adhere the ends together for a cleaner look.

Glass Candle Holder Book Page

All that is left is to drop in a little battery powered candle and you are finished. (Please do not use a candle with an open flame. Your book pages may catch fire!)

Tea Light Battery Powered Candles

I love the clean look of these book page candle holders. They are so simple to whip up and you can add a new look to your decor without commitment if you decide to change things up later. I even experimented with adding some wrapping paper in place of the book pages, which gives you so many more options.

Wrapping Paper Book Page Candle Holder

These would look great as a table centerpiece with candle holders of varying heights or lighting a walkway to the front door. Plus, since they use battery powered candles, they are kid and pet safe.

Book Page Candle Holders an easy 5 minute craft

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  1. How lovely, I love all book page projects and this is really unique! Perfect for a patio table too and so easy! I’d love for you to come share it at our linky “Sweet Inspiration”, it’s live now! Have a great Monday!!

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