Book Page Covered Bulletin Board

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Hi, Everyone! It’s Erin from Elizabeth Joan Designs and I’m so excited to back with another 5-minute craft for you. I hope you are enjoying November so far! Today I’m sharing a simple book page covered bulletin board that you can easily whip up to add a little interest to your walls and memos.

Book Page Covered Bulletin Board

Book Page Covered Bulletin Board

I may have a slight obsession with book page projects, several of which I’ve shared in the past on my blog. To make this craft, you will need:

Book Page Covered Bulletin Board Supply List:  {affiliate links included for your convenience}

Mod Podge Book Pages Brush

After gathering your supplies, begin by cutting out some of the book pages with the craft knife. You can print pages off of the internet if you don’t want to hurt a real book. I found this book at the local dollar store and have used it for tons of projects, which makes me feel a little less bad about dismantling a piece of literature.

Cut Book Pages

I also decided to trim off the edges of the pages to get rid of the white space, but this is totally optional depending on the look that you want.

Trim White Edges from Book Pages

Next, apply Mod Podge to the bulletin board with a paint brush and layer the book pages on top, covering all of the cork. Trim off any excess pieces around the inner edge of the frame.

Book Text Glued Together

To finish, paint another layer of Mod Podge over the top of the pages to secure everything and let it dry. Then your book page covered bulletin board is ready to use!  Use push pins to attach notes, cards, and photos!

I love the simplicity of this craft.  It is certainly easy to make but definitely, adds some interest to a plain ol’ corkboard.  What do you think?

Book Page Covered Bulletin Board

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