Bountiful Autumn Mantel

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All the vibrant colors of the season are in my Bountiful Autumn Mantel this year.  A huge thanks to Balsam Hill for providing the gorgeous fall decor for my fireplace area.  If you’re like me you associate Balsam Hill with Christmas, but they have gorgeous home decor for all the seasons.  And after checking out my fall mantel make sure to check out a couple giveaways at the bottom of this post.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

I love all of the pieces I picked from the Balsam Hill Fall Collection, but that garland on my mantel might be my favorite!  The Autumn Medley Foliage Garland is a massive at over 6 feet long and the part I love most is how full it is!

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

It has a grapevine twisted throughout with gorgeous deep purple pumpkins and vibrant berries and leaves.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

I have a thing for twisty stems on my pumpkins, check out that beauty.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

I added a few little white boo pumpkins and some pomegranates from our backyard to add some real with the faux.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Their Faux Bois Candle Holders are chunky and make a great statement

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Aren’t they pretty?  I went with the Rustic Oak.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Such beautiful details on their candle holders.  I topped the candle holders with Pushwick LED Flameless Pillar Candles.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Aren’t they gorgeous all lit up?  I love Balsam Hill’s candles because they come with a remote. So if you have them nestled into your decor you don’t have to dig out the candle to turn it on and off.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Those three jumbo pumpkins are their Outdoor Heirloom Pumpkins, but I think they are just gorgeous inside too.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

Those stems people!  Love them!

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

I fill a metal basket with some fire logs for the left side of the fireplace and on the right side I bought in a chair and draped it with a gorgeous plaid throw blanket.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

I place their Twig Pumpkin on top with a little orange pumpkin.  To the back of the chair I put a Miracle Flame LED Wax Pillar Candle to help create some layers and height.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

These candles have remotes also and their flames flicker, so pretty.

Bountiful Autumn Mantel

I hope you enjoyed checking out my fall mantel this year!

Bountiful Autumn Mantel | Vibrant Fall Mantel with reds, oranges and deep purples - massive garland and lots of pumpkins

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I love my Bountiful Autumn Mantel has inspired your fall decorating!

Bountiful Autumn Mantel | Vibrant Fall Mantel with reds, oranges and deep purples - massive garland and lots of pumpkins



  1. OMG! I love, love, LOVE the way you decorated this! I host Thanksgiving every year so I would love to just copy your whole setup and buy it ALL!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I can’t believe you’re asking me to pick one thing! LOL! I LOVE/NEED the outdoor heirloom pumpkins! They are gorgeous! But then again, I like anything silver/chrome for decorating year round. It seems so versatile. Then again there’s the decorative wicker wagon…It would take me a week just to decide what to purchase but I can guarantee it’ll arrive beautiful!

  3. I would definitely buy a wreath as you can never have too many of those and I love the candles. Please let me win! 🙂

  4. If I win, I would like from Balsam Hill: Miracle Flame LED Wax Pillar Candles and Wildflower Prairie Foliage Wreath! Now, wouldn’t that be fun!

  5. If I won this contest, it would be very hard to decide what to buy. However, after looking at all of their beautiful things, I think I would pick soe new Christmas decorations and perhaps some fresh looking greens for my windows. I cant wait to go back and gething or just “window shop” until I can put a look together! Thank you for the site.

  6. If I could win I would choose the thick fall garland and anything else I could buy to get a mantle that looked just like yours. It is beautiful!!

  7. If I won a $150 voucher for Balsam Hill, I would order the 3-tier pumpkin topiary with the beautiful base which I could also use for other seasonal decoration. So realistic and beautiful with the white, green and orange pumpkins. The whole site of Balsam Hill is so beautiful so I might change my mind and order more fall decor.

  8. Oh, Maryann, you have definitely put me in the mood for fall decorating. (Even though it’s still in the 90’s here in Florida. LOL!) Thank you for introducing me to Balsam Hill. I already have a couple of things in my shopping basket! My husband won’t be as happy with you as I am, but hey, what can I say?! I am in desperate need of a new fall wreath. My mother was an interior designer and always made my wreaths for me. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago and my wreaths definitely need to be updated. I would buy this wreath if I were to win! https://www.webphotosource.net/img/source/lwgwst1tki/exact/WRG-1641010-1.jpeg?u=jlnpkv&q=70

    I love the beautiful fall colors in your mantel and fireplace area. I can just picture someone sitting with a nice hot beverage and a riveting novel! Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. I would love to get the Silver and Gold Foliage 6 ft garland. It would go perfectly on my mantle at Christmas.

    Your fall mantle is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love the colors in the Balsam Hill garland. They really stand out with your neutral background. If I won I think I would choose some Christmas things. I don’t have a lot for that holiday, we got rid of a lot when we moved years ago. Not I wish we hadn’t!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  11. I have been visiting the Balsam Hill website for several years, yearning for one of their beautiful trees! I also love their garland- all so realistic and so much to choose from. Our new home has a bay window with a lower ceiling that our current tree won’t fit into, so a 5.5 foot VERMONT WHITE SPRUCE™ TREE would be perfect. Thanks for giving me a valid reason to peruse!

  12. I love Balsam Hill products. If I were to win, I would purchase the 9″ fairy string light cloche, the miracle flame LED 8.5″ tapers, and the miracle flame medium pillar. It would be the best present ever to win these items.

  13. Balsam Hill represents all things bright and beautiful as I reflect on their site. Would love a fall garland, or candles, or a downpayment on a Christmas tree, or just about anything else. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  14. I would enjoy having the very lovely flowered wreath, RANUNCULUS & HOPS FLOWER ARRANGEMENT AND WREATH to hang in my upstairs hallway, to remind me during the long Maine winters that Summer will come again. Thanks for the giveaway, what fun to win!

  15. I want to get the DOUBLE-WALLED COPPER MUGS, SET OF 2 first. Then I have a ton of other things. I love this store!

  16. I love the garland you used. I have always enjoyed having berries mixed in. They add such interest and depth. Seeing as how I am unemployed at this time, I would shop clearance and purchase the copper mugs. What a deal and would make a very nice Christmas present for my mother-in-law.

  17. I would love to get the wrought iron candle holders and the LED mercury glas candle holders, both sets are beautiful. I love mixing different textures and materials displaying all of my candles

  18. It would be a hard choice between one of the fabulous fall wreaths and the Pine cone led trees. Everything is so beautiful at Balsom Hill.

  19. I went to the website but couldn’t decide on any one thing I would buy! Too hard to pick just one. Probably something Christmas b/c I have decorate do for fall already. Everything at Balsam Hill is gorgeous! Love this site!!!

  20. I’m in love with the Polar Bear Family Stocking Holders! I d start with them and move to the Miracle Flame candles! Love! Love! Love!

  21. Love your mantel! I love Balsam Hill and I would love a fall wreath and or the LED candles.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  22. Maryanne, your mantel and fireplace look very pretty. Love the fall Decor. And what would I buy from Balsam Hill? How do you pick just one?!! I love their wreaths and seem to keep going back to them, so I would have to say one of their beautiful wreaths.

  23. Balsam Hill has the most beautiful items. I would love to have any of the fall items. I could really decorate my mantel and fireplace. Yours is so pretty

  24. I absolutely love Balsam Hill! I would love to have the FALL HARVEST FOLIAGE garland to decorate in my kitchen! Beautiful stuff!!

  25. If lucky enough to win I’d choose Christmas goodies since I’m decked out for fall already. I would choose one of the pine centerpieces. It would look beautiful on our dining table.

  26. Oh my went to Balsam Hills I would if I could take 1 each of everything what a website The fall wreaths, the beautiful miracle flame pillar wax candles and Oh my an outdoor rechargeable flickering led Lantern Thank you for the chance and best of luck to all God bless

  27. Oh my what awesome colors on your mantel you have done a great job Thank you for sharing and God bless Oh my I have to leap on over to the Balsam Hill’s will let you know

  28. MR. CHRISTMAS KARAOKE MIC & CHRISTMAS LIGHT CONTROLLER would be my pick if I won. We have only one family member who can sing in tune, so the rest of us need help!

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