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Burlap and Ruffles…

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Hi friends!  I finally got around to working on my master bedroom again.

I wanted to add a little ruffle to the room.  So I took some fabric scraps from the room and paired them with burlap to make this oh-so-cute pillow!

If you follow my blog, you know that I am no seamstress!  My girls and I received a sewing machine for Christmas this last year, so I have been trying my hand at it and slowly getting over the nerves each time I attempt a new sewing project.

Honestly… I didn’t use the machine much for this one.

The rich, chocolate brown faux velvet is a scrap from our drapes and the floral patterned fabric in the center is from our mini-blinds-transformed to roman shades.  You read more about those projects here and here.

I took the scraps and ironed them and then used my faux-sewing BFF, hem tape!  I used the hem tape to create my nice hemmed edge on both pieces.

After laying the floral on top of the faux velvet, I pinned the 2 pieces together.

Then to make my simple ruffle, I hand stitched a big, straight stitch.  I’d say it was about 1”… 1” inch on top and then 1” on the bottom.  I’m sure there’s some technical sewing term, but remember I’m a novice so you’ll have to bear with my description.

As you pull the thread it will start to gather into a beautiful ruffle.

I used the machine to sew a basic burlap pillow & then I went a little crazy and decided to hot glue the ruffle onto the burlap pillow… yep!  Figured… why not… it’s easier than sewing my big, fat ruffle.

It’s great paired with my Sweet Dreams pillows.

Thanks for stopping by & I’ll see you tomorrow night for the Power of Paint Party!

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  1. That is so cute! I love when people admit they are a little intimidated by their sewing machines. I am too! It really is one of those things where practice, practice, practice makes "almost" perfect. Your bed looks gorgeous!

  2. Great job they look fabulous! I really like burlap its so earthy and natural looking. A nice cottage touch!

  3. awww, I love your pillows! All three of them. Great tips about not sewing. (I hate to sew)
    I bet you love to snuggle in your pretty bed!

  4. I love what you did keeping them in mind to spruce up the spare bedroom if I ever get a chance thank you for the inspiration!

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