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Burlap Bulletin Board

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Hi, I’m Karen, and I blog at Gardenchick. I love a good DIY project and was so glad to join MaryAnn and others at Domestically Speaking for the Burlap Lovers Series. Challenged to create a fall burlap themed project, I decided to complete an idea I have had in mind for my kitchen. This will be my second kitchen project using burlap. Some old bar stools received a makeover using burlap feed sacks. I was in need of a bulletin board and had originally planned to make one out of one of the burlap seed sacks I had collected. But, given the fact it’s fall, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I opted to go with a fall theme.

Burlap Bulletin Board Supplies
A quick trip to Michael’s (who am I kidding, I was there and hour and a half), and I had finally decided what I was going to do. I already had the burlap sack, so I was ready to go.

Bulletin Board Leaf

The felt leaf was too bright and didn’t match the little wooden leaves I want to use for thumbtacks, so I painted it with a nutmeg brown.

Burlap Bulletin Board Frame

The same goes for the plain frame around the bulletin board, so after placing newspaper over the cork, I spray painted it brown.

Burlap Bulletin Board Repainted

Next, the burlap was attached using a spray on adhesive.

Burlap Bulletin Board Trimmed

And the same with the felt leave.

Burlap Bulletin Board with Leaf

Burlap Bulletin Board Leaf Tacks

Using E6000 glue, the flat wooden leaves were attached to pushpins to complete the fall theme.

Now, a new bulletin board is ready for my kitchen wall.

Burlap Bulletin Board Complete

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