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Burlap Roller Shades ~ All About Burlap Blog Hop

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Happy Monday Friends!  I’m SO excited it’s All About Burlap Time.!  If you’ve been around my blog much you know I adore burlap… luv it!  Today I’m sharing the burlap roller shades that I added to our kitchen nook.

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

I’m still on a mission to remove all the ugly, cheap mini blinds from our home (and I’m SO close)!

I love the warm and texture that burlap brings to a space, so I figured, why not try in in the kitchen nook!

Supplies Needed:

Burlap (add 4” to the height and width of your shade for wrap around)

Spray Adhesive

Glue Gun

Ribbon (for the decorative trim)

Iron On Stitchery


Ok – this first part can be messy & stinky, so if you’ve got an outdoor table to work on I’d recommend it.  You need to unroll your shade and spray the surface with the adhesive spray.  Give it a minute to get extra tacky and then take your piece of burlap (that you’ve ironed and trimmed to just a few inches bigger than your roller shade) and very carefully place it on top of the sticky roller shade.  This is much easier with 2 people ~ I recruited one of the kiddos.

Then starting in the center smooth out towards the edges.  This helps the burlap stick & gives you a nice smooth surface too.

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

Once it’s dried (doesn’t take long) you want to flip it over so that you can hot glue the extra on the sides to the back.

I found that wax paper was a great help so that you don’t burn yourself while pressing the burlap down.

Once finished flip it back over to add the ribbon trim.

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

I used a yard stick for the spacing.

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

Then take your iron and Iron On Stitchery to adhere the ribbon to the burlap (follow the direction on the stitchery for the proper heating temps).

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

Here they are all hung.  I honestly have no clue how easy these would roll up and down… we never open these windows.

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

I added some plaid fabric I had on hand to cover up the top of the roller shades.

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

A fun update & bye-bye ugly mini blinds!!!

Burlap Roller Shade Domestically Speaking

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  1. What great looking blinds and what a creative way to use burlap! I’m not sure how they would roll up either (I can see a few kinks and creases developing) but if you never open the blinds who cares? They look really nice in the kitchen nook space you have created, and I love the addition of the fabric at the top for that extra touch.

    1. Tammy ~ Since I used the mini blind brackets to hold them, they won’t roll. If I had to guess I would think burlap might be an issue. It’s a heavier weight and thickness. I think a thinner fabric would work wonderfully ~ just to be sure.

  2. These are SUPER cute shades. I have to admit that I’m stumped as to why you would say that you have no clue how well they’d go up and down… It would be easy enough to try a few times! *Perhaps it was just a Monday thing??? 🙂 Would you please try it for us and let us know? I do love the look and it certainly looks like something I could do with ease, but there’s no point in wasting money if it doesn’t go up and down easily because I need it to be functional as well as pretty. I’m sure I am not the only one… Thanks for your help!

    1. Sorry Annette ~ I guess I should have clarified better. Even when we had the mini blinds there I never opened them. Our neighbors fence is just a few feet outside the window, so there isn’t much of a view… so it’s just a window I never open. In writing up the post I thought I’d throw the info so as to be completely honest. I used the brackets from the mini blinds to hold the blinds, so the roller shades (with the current holders won’t roll).

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