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Burlap Striping

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Adding some burlap striping to my family room curtains is my latest project in making over the family room.  One of my weekend projects was to update the espresso brown Ikea panels that were hanging in the room.

I figured adding a little burlap would add some texture to the panels along with a graphic effect.

I add a 15” burlap stripe.

And because I like to be unconventional I sewed the top part of the burlap fabric and hot glued the bottom part ((smile)).  I had put the sewing machine away and didn’t feel like hauling it back out, guess I was having a lazy moment.  But I knew the hot glue will hold.  I have window mistreatments (THANK you Nester) hanging in my living room for almost 4 years now and they are still holding beautifully.

So this is my big dilemma with them …

should I leave them as they are, in their rustic looking form

or should I finish off the burlap edge at the top and bottom of the burlap stripe where the two fabrics meet?  I was thinking maybe with just a simple white ribbon?

What do you think??



  1. What a update for your drapes. I love the stripe of burlap! Very fresh. I vote to finish the edges. Your drapes have clean lines and I think it would look updated as well as polished!
    Wonderful post, full of inspiration!

  2. I love them just they way they are! You are my 'she-roe'! I still haven't had the guts to glue gun drapes yet but I always think of your beautiful ones . . . I've just gotta go for it (one of these days;)

    Love the burlap as is. The white would be sweet too though. Maybe tack it up and see how you like it?

  3. Hmm… I love the look of the two colors and textures. I vote for finishing the edges. Burlap has SUCH a tendency to fray, that I think it could go from "decoratively messy" to "falling apart" too quickly!

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