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Burlap Wrapped Pots

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Hi, I’m Susan with This Makes That a blog where I share my passion for home decorating, DIY projects and home entertaining. When Maryann asked if anyone was interested in joining her Burlap Lovers Series, I immediately “raised my hand.” I love burlap! All things burlap! I also love simple home decor projects. So I combined those two loves and decided to simply cover my pots in burlap. It’s a simple project yet has a big impact.

These three pathos plant pots were surrounded with Spanish moss. It was a very cool look but my puppy loves the moss and every day would pull at it. After a year of picking up moss each day, I decided to get rid of the moss. The plant stand looked so bare without it though. That’s when I got the idea to wrap the pots in burlap.

pothos before and after

Here’s how you make them. Set the pot down in the middle of a piece of burlap. Measure the height of your pot then measure out that distance plus 1″ and cut that distance all around your pot. For example, if your pot is 6″ high, then cut 7″ from the pot. Cut a square shape. Gather all the sides up and tie with raffia or twine. It’s best to have the twine/raffia placed as high as possible so the burlap stands up and doesn’t flop over.

burlap how to collage

TIP: Make sure you have a saucer under your pot so the burlap doesn’t get wet.

Burlap is great for every day plants but also fabulous for wrapping mum flower pots. You can keep it simple with just using twine or jute to tie up the burlap.

burlap with raffia

I also like to add some pizzazz to the pots. Here I used a chevron burlap ribbon and made a big bow for my pot.

big chevron bow

You can find so many cute accessories at your local craft store. Here are some ideas using a small chalk board sign and burlap flower. You can also turn down the burlap some if you want to.

happy fall chalkboard

These fabric flowers are great too and they come with little clips. Simply just clip them on the twine.

burlap with apples

closeup fabric flower

Maryann, thanks again for this opportunity to share my love of burlap. For more fall decorating ideas, please stop by my blog This Makes That. Here are two of my favorite fall posts.

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Happy fall!


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