Christmas Farmhouse Toolbox

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I’ve got a cute Christmas Farmhouse Toolbox to share with you guys today as part of our monthly thrift store makeovers we do. This chippy tool box had great character and shape, but I wanted to give it some DIY love and fill it with some Christmas decorations to use as a centerpiece in my dining room or maybe give it a home on my mantel. Because it’s small in size and portable you really could place this decor piece anywhere you want.

Christmas Farmhouse Toolbox

Farmhouse Toolbox

You could use any wooden toolbox you can find for this project or if you are really ambitious you could build your own with scrap wood. I had this toolbox on hand but if you’re luck enough to have a vintage toolbox that would be gorgeous all prettied up for Christmas.

I loved the look of my toolbox, it already had that vintage tool box look, but I wanted to lighten it up a bit.

farmhouse toolbox

Toolbox Makeover Supplies

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Chippy Painting

Chippy painting is such an easy process, the key is not to overthink it! If you’re looking for a solid paint color surface, then this is not the method for you, use spray paint. I like using thick paint, like the chalk paint I used and you need a chippy paintbrush (you can find them at the dollar stores).

chippy paint

Dab the tip of the paintbrush into the paint and that dap your paintbrush onto a paper plate or bowl to remove the excess paint. I dab about 3-5 times. Then gently brush over the area in long strokes. Some areas will get more paint, some will get less. If you want more paint, go over the area again. There is no right or wrong way, it’s all about the look you want.

chippy painting toolbox

After I let the toolbox dry it was just time to fill it. I went with some faux snow, mini Christmas trees, and a burlap ribbon.

burlap ribbon on toolbox

It’s so simple and rustic and I love it! I love the burlap ribbon on the handle. This would be beautiful with other winter decorations, like greenery and pomegranates. You can reuse this toolbox throughout the year and swap it out for other seasonal decor.

Christmas Farmhouse Toolbox with faux snow, mini trees, and burlap ribbon.

Toolbox Decor Ideas

You could fill your toolbox with whatever Christmas decor you love, but here are a few ideas:

  • fresh greenery – go shop your yard, or your neighbors if they’re happy to share
  • pinecones
  • ornaments
  • mini trees
  • mason jars
  • candles
  • fairy lights
  • ribbon
  • twine
  • dish towel
  • faux snow
  • burlap
  • hang a mini wreath from the handle

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