Coastal Rope Wrapped Hanging Basket

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Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a delightful project that combines thriftiness with coastal charm. Picture this: a humble thrift store basket given a fresh lease on life, transformed into a stunning coastal rope-wrapped hanging basket that’s perfect for adorning your front door or adding a touch of seaside flair to your home decor.

rope wrapped hanging basket

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Thrift Store Basket: Seek out a basket with character – think wicker or woven, but don’t worry about perfection, imperfections only add to the charm! If you can’t find a hanging basket you can add a rope handle.
  2. Rope: Opt for a sturdy rope with a natural look, like jute or sisal. The thickness will depend on your preference and the size of your basket.
  3. Hot Glue Gun: This will be your trusty sidekick throughout the project.
  4. Scissors: For cutting the rope to size.
  5. Paint: If desired you can paint part of your basket and wrap the rest in the rope. That’s what I did on this project.
  6. Decorative Accents (Optional): Shells, driftwood, or faux sea glass can add extra coastal flair.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Prep Your Basket: Give your thrifted find a quick clean and let it dry completely before starting. This ensures that the rope adheres properly.

thrift store hanging basket

Paint Time: If you want to add some paint to your basket, now is the time before you wrap with rope. I used white acrylic paint. I would prefer chalk paint, as it’s thicker and I wouldn’t have needed to do 2 coats.

painting hanging basket white

Start Wrapping with Rope: Now, it’s time to break out the rope! I decided to wrap only the top portion of my basket. So I started the end of the rope on the backside of the basket. Begin Secure the end of your jute or sisal rope with a dab of hot glue. Then, slowly work your way around the basket, applying a thin line of hot glue as you go and wrapping the rope tightly around the exterior. Make sure to press the rope together as you go to ensure full coverage and a seamless look.

wrapping basket with sisal rope

Add Coastal Embellishments (Optional): For an extra touch of coastal flair, consider embellishing your rope-wrapped basket with seashells, driftwood pieces, or other beach treasures. Simply use hot glue to attach your chosen embellishments wherever you see fit, whether it’s along the top rim of the basket or scattered throughout the rope wrapping.

Fill and Hang your Basket: If you want to fill your basket you can do it before or after you hang it. I decided on a faux hanging plant and to place it in our guest bathroom. I think it adds to the coastal charm of your bathroom.

filling hanging basket with hanging plant

I bought the basket for $1 and used craft supplies I had on-hand, and had the hanging plant from another project… so super budget friendly update.

thrift store rope wrapped basket

I love quick and easy decor projects that update a room, and this rope wrapped basket did just that.

coastal bathroom rope wrapped basket
rope wrapped hanging basket


  1. I love how it turned out Maryann- and you “planted” the perfect greenery in it!

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