Copper Wire Pumpkin String Art

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I love making wire art (string art), and this Copper Wire Pumpkin Art is fun to make and is a great way to add some simple fall decor into your home. If you love more neutral fall decor then this is a great project for you. A great way to add pumpkin decorations in a simplistic way.

DIY Copper Wire Pumpkin

DIY Wire Pumpkin Supplies

You only need a few supplies to make this cute copper wire pumpkin.  (affiliate links provided for your convenience)

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How to Make the Copper Pumpkin Wire Art

I started with a 10″ x 10″ piece of scrap plywood, sanded it lightly and then used a chip paintbrush to dry brush with white paint. Love how the wood still shows through. I think this would be gorgeous with a solid gray background too. I’m loving gray and copper together!

Then I took a pumpkin shape image I’ve used in the past with my chalkboard pumpkin printable and burlap pumpkin sign, and printed it out.

Attach the printed pumpkin image to the wood with painter's tape.

Painter’s Tape is the perfect solution to help hold the pumpkin image in place.

Adding the copper nails to create the copper pumpkin.

Hammer in the copper nails on top of the lines. You can see that in the lower pumpkin area I spaced them about 1/2 inch apart. In the upper pumpkin section, near the pumpkin’s stem, they were placed closer.

Peeling off the paper pumpkin

Time to peel off that paper. Slowly starting pulling the paper off. It’s pretty easy to do.

Removing the paper stuck in the copper nails.

Most likely you’ll get a few pieces of paper stuck in a few nails. Tweezers are the easiest way to get those strays out.

Wrapping the copper wire around the copper nails to create a copper wire pumpkin.

Then it’s time to start wrapping the copper wire around the nails. Using needlenose plyers I will wrap the end of the wire around the nail I want to start with, using the needlenose to pinch the wire tightly to the nail after I wrapped the wire around the nail a few times.

To make the shape with the wire, I would wrap the wire around each nail once, then move to the next nail.

If need be, you can cut the wire and end a strand and restart the wire somewhere else. That is what I did. The lower pumpkin is one strand of wire and upper is another strain. When you finish a strand, you do the same as how you started by wrapping the wire multiple times and then pinch with the needlenose plyers.

DIY Copper Wire Pumpkin Art

The copper is just so pretty! I love the sun bouncing off the copper finish.

Wire Art Pumpkin perfect for fall

I hope you get a chance to make this adorable pumpkin fall craft! This would be fun to make with a fall leaf too.

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Copper Wire Pumpkin Art - so cute for neutral fall decor

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