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Countdown to Fall…

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Are you ready for Fall?


I certainly am not… I want to be though.  I started to drag out the fall decor buckets this weekend and started to tweak little areas throughout the house.  It’s cooled (thankfully) in So. Cal. and I’m enjoying my hot chocolate… I made Pioneer Woman’s Pumpkin Spice Muffins… I have some water, cinnamon stick and nutmeg simmering on the stovetop… so it’s smelling like fall… I’m all ready to plop on my cozy chair and be inspired by all your wonderful fall posts!

First I wanted to share with you one of my favorite creations from last fall… my corny wreath.

I saw this BEAUTIFUL wreath on Martha’s site and had to make it!

Martha Stewart

I love the texture and the color.

{Step 1… Get your Supplies}

I picked up my corn husks at my grocery store (under $3)  You can find them in the ethnic food aisle or in the produce section .  I grabbed a wreath from Dollar Tree ($1).  The wreath at the Dollar Tree is much smaller than Martha’s, but it still worked great. I used my trusty hot glue gun to adhere the corn husks.

{Step 2… Soak your Husks}

I soaked the corn husks for about 10 minutes to soften them.  I discovered that the inner husks may still be dry when you start to pull them apart.  They are much easier to form when they have been soaked, so I just soaked them as needed.  Here’s all my soaked husks drying away…

{Step 3… Attach Husks to Wreath}

Once they dried a bit, I got to work.  Martha used U-pins, but I decided to use my trusty glue gun.  I think the glue gun makes it a little looser, but you’ll still get the same effect.

I just put a dap of glue at the wider base, then folded the thinner part down on top.  Take your folded husk and glue them on the wreath in a row.  My wreath allowed for 3 folded husks per row.  Then start on the next row overlapping enough to cover the base.  It will look something like this…

Keep going around till it’s all covered.  When you get back around to your starting place you’ll have to do a bit of tucking.

Here’s my finished product…

I had so many husks left over too. One package could make at least 4 wreaths.  It was very simple too ~ less than 1/2 an hour with soaking time.

I’m sharing my corny wreath at the parties in my “PARTIES” menu bar link!!!

So how are you Counting Down to Fall?


  1. Maryann, great wreath I found it via Dejavu Crafts, I hope you don't mind I posted about your wreath on my blog. Thanks for sharing. I am becoming a new follower, love your blog!Tootles ~Andi
    p.s. come over and checkout my blog, I am new to this, so I haven't posted alot but am hoping to.

  2. I LOVE the wreath, Maryann! Simple and gorgeous at the same time. It really is a beautiful fall piece. I need to get my fall decor out too! Can't wait : )

    Blessing to you, friend!
    Love, Laura

  3. Hi Maryann! What a cute wreath! Nice job, Martha! lol! I don't even want to think about fall yet. Nope. I'm clinging to summer by my fingernails……. 🙂

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  4. oh i love it! and i am soooo ready for fall. this hot summer has me wanting cool autumn breezes, and weather that is suitable for walks outside with the kids, where we are not swatting mosquitoes and wiping out brow every 5 seconds!

  5. oh man, i wish i could link up but i have nothing remotely fall like out now. we are having our 8th heat wave this week, and i can't wrap my head around fall when it's 95 out!

  6. That is a fun wreath.

    I think it would be hard to get into the fall spirit in So. Cal. My in-laws live in San Marcos but I don't think we've ever visited them in the fall. We usually visit in the winter when it is sub-zero here!

  7. I love this wreath! I will have to remember to get some husks when I make my next run to the grocery store. I also love that mirror that Martha has hers hanging on.

  8. I love your wreath! Thanks for hosting. Looking forward to checking out everyones creativity.

    Have a wonderful day.

  9. Ok, this is great! I think I've read all of your wreath ideas and I just have to ask, where the HECK is this dollar store??? I have never seen any at ours. I'm also in So.Cal, shoot me an email, seriously:)

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