Creating a School Zone

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Creating a school zone is important here in California where my kiddos will start the fall with all online learning. Creating a place for them to do their school work is definitely on my mind. I’ve been searching for great products that are functional, smaller in size, that can work for various ages.

School Zone Products

You can click on the images below to get all the details. These are affiliate links (which means it costs you no more money, but I get a small percentage of your purchase).

How to Create a School Zone

Products to create a school zone

  1. You need a desktop

    Have a designated desktop area for your kiddos to do their work. Having a routine helps to make learning easier. You can use a desk, spare table, or any flat surface.

  2. Comfy chair

    Having a chair that is comfortable helps you to focus too. Many dining room chairs are great for a 30 minute dinner, but make sure your child has something that is comfortable for a few hours of sitting.

  3. Good Lighting

    A desk lamp is great for working when it’s dark out.

  4. Storage

    Having a place to keep workbooks, textbooks, and school papers keeps everyone organized.

  5. Desktop Organization

    Have some container to keep your pencils, pens, scissors, etc.

How to Create a School Zone

I hope these ideas help you get your home ready with a school zone. You can find some of my favorite office chairs in this post.


  1. Thank you for these great ideas! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of homeschooling and didn’t even consider these basics that could really help my girls stay focused.

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