Define Your Patio with Monrovia Plants

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Today’s post is sponsored by Monrovia, but my love for their plants is all my own!

One of our first outdoor projects when we moved into our home was laying our backyard patio.  It extends the length of our house and out a good 15 feet.   It’s a great place to BBQ, enjoy meals, and hang out.  I love our patio… it was a lot of work.  We laid each of those pavers!  During the summer months and most of the year here in Southern California our outdoor spaces are like a second home.  Just like in your home you define different spaces, it’s good to do the same in your outdoor spaces.  Adding some beautiful summer blooms from Monrovia was just what our patio needed to help define the space.

Define Your Patio with Plants

We have 4 exterior and 4 interior posts  on our pergola.  Next to the post was the perfect place for a pot filled with these gorgeous Monrovia plants.

Here’s the gorgeous plants I used…

Define Your Patio with Plants 3

This beautiful flower is the Pink Ice Candytuft. This plant will spread to fill the pot.  It keeps a mound shape and as the blooms grow they take on a beautiful, light pink shade.

Define Your Patio with Plants 2

I love the vibrant green and can’t wait till the blooms turn a light pink.

I also got this gorgeous Siskiyou Pink Gaura.

Define Your Patio with Plants 5

Such a gorgeous vibrant pink!

Both of these plants are drought tolerant / water wise plants that will need minimum water once established.

Define Your Patio with Plants 4

And the both do a beautiful job flanking the boundaries of our paver patio.

Define Your Patio with Plants 1

So next time you’re looking to define your outdoor spaces… remember that potted plants can do that job beautifully.  And from my personal experience I’ve always been exceptionally pleased by Monrovia Plants.

Do you use plants to help define your outdoor spaces?



  1. I’m in love with this! Thank you for sharing this with us! Pinned and tweeted! I hope to see you at tonight’s party. We are always so impressed with your creations and can’t wait to see them! Lou Lou Girls

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I love to keep some potted plants on my front patio, and I do like hearty, drought resistant varieties for easy maintenance. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for some candytuft next time I hit the garden center!

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