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Desktop Hanging Clock Makeover

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It’s thrift store makeover time again and this month I’m sharing a Desktop Hanging Clock Makeover. This hanging clock looks like it could be a vintage clock. The stand and the clock face separate and the clock stand is very heavy.

Hanging Clock Makeover

Let me show you what I started with.

I loved the look and shape of the clock, but it just needed a little updating with paint! The texture of the clock looked a little rough, but I liked the character it gave. It looks like it’s lived and has a story to tell.

Supplies Needed

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How to Chalk Paint

I love chalk paint! If you haven’t used chalk paint before you have got to try it! Chalk paint is so easy because you don’t need to do much prep on the items you paint. If the item you want to paint is really rough you’ll want to give it a light sanding, but usually all I do to prep is clean the item.

So that is what I did with this hanging clock. I gave it a good cleaning and let it dry before taping off the clock face. I was hoping to replace the clock face, but I wasn’t able to open the back of the clock like I was hoping. My original plan was to replace the clock face with roman numerals and maybe even switch out the clock hands.

So after it dried I used painter’s tape to protect the glass clock face cover. I find that using a bunch of small tape pieces makes covering a circular area easier.

covering with painter's tape

Then I got to painting. I used a foam paintbrush. I love foam brushes because they work well and they are cheap, so I just toss them after using them.

chalk painting clock base

It only took one coat to cover. You just need to brush on the paint, making sure to cover everything you want covered.

Chalk paint has great coverage! It’s a thicker paint, so normally you will only need one coat to get the coverage you need.

I let the paint dry a few hours before moving it to our mantel above the fireplace in our living room. I think it’s going to look great with all the fall decor I’m pulling out this week.

thrift store hanging clock

You can see that the paint has a slight rough appear, part of that is because I used a matte finished paint but part of that is from using a chalk paint. You can use a fine sandpaper and lightly sand the finish if you like a smoother look.

Now the rest of the team has some other amazing thrift store makeovers for you to check out!

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  1. Awesome project Maryann! I love the flatness of the chalk paint, and the color? so, so, much better!
    The great thing about DIY is that you can paint it again on a whim for another season! 🙂



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