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DIY Blanket Ladder

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Blanket ladders are so great to have in your home, so I made a DIY Blanket Ladder for under $10!  I’ve been wanting to make a blanket ladder for ages… so I’m thrilled I finally got a chance.  It’s amazing what a cozy addition a blanket ladder makes to a room. Blanket ladders can be used in blanket storage. The supplies needed to make a blanket ladder are inexpensive, and it can be done in only a few hours.

DIY Blanket Ladder stained gray

This ladder actually cost less than $5 for the lumber!!!  Yep… crazy cheap!

DIY Blanket Ladder Supplies

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DIY Blanket Ladder Directions:

I wanted my ladder about 5 feet tall, but you could adjust the height and width of your ladder easily.   Here are the cuts I had:

  • two 65″ (the sides of the ladder)
  • four 17.75″ (the ladder rungs)
Less than 5 dollars of lumber to make this DIY Blanket Ladder

Use a tape measure (measure twice, cut once) and cut your wood pieces so they are ready. I used a miter saw, but you could use a circular saw or even a hand or jigsaw if that is all you have.

The bottom on the ladder sides I cut a slight angle so it would easily lean against the wall.  (How big your angle will determine the distance from the wall, the back corner)

Before assembling I used a sanding block to smooth the wood. You could also use an orbital sander with some 180 grit sandpaper.

Putting together a Blanket Ladder than cost less than five dollars in lumber

On the outside of the board, I drew a line in the center from top to the bottom so I knew where to put in the nails.  I started the first rung 3″ from the top and then each rung was 16″ down from the one above.  I put 2 nails on each board on each side.

Staining a DIY Blanket Ladder with Weathered Gray stain

Then I stained it with a gorgeous weathered gray… I love this stain and color.  It’s gorgeous and it dries in an hour! This stain gives it a worn look. I just use an old rag to apply. I’m tempted to make another and use my favorite stain, Kona. Kona is a dark walnut stain color.

DIY Blanket Ladder for the family room

I’m loving it in our family room!!  Such an easy woodworking project and for less than $5 it’s a bargain of a DIY!  If you don’t have a nailer you could easily use wood screws too. It really is a simple tutorial. This would be a great DIY quilt ladder for someone who uses quilts. I use them to store my throw blankets.

I’ve had a LOT of interest in my area rug.  I happened to find that gorgeous rug at Ross.  I’ve never seen another one since though.  Here are some similar rugs I’ve found though.  You can click on them to learn more.

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DIY Blanket Ladder for less than $5 in lumber!!!! Great step by step tutorial so you can make your own!


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