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DIY Book Page and Burlap Garland Tutorial

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Hi, I am Meegan from What Meegan Makes. I have a small condo that I call my beach cottage in the desert, as we live in Las Vegas and I love the ocean.

I am excited to show you my book page and burlap garland. It is ideal for incorporating with Fall decor or actually anytime of year.

Thanks for having me here Maryann. I am excited to meet your followers. This is so fun!

How To Make a Burlap & Book Page Garland

What you will need to make your own book page and burlap garland:

40 vintage book pages

1/8 yard burlap strips

1 yard jute or twine

hole punch

sharp scissors

Burlap and Book Pages Garland

To make my book page and burlap garland, I begin by folding each book page into a fan. I fold each of mine 3 times, but depending on the look you want, you can make your folds thinner or thicker.

My next step is to punch a hole in the middle of the page, making sure each fold is included. As you can see in the picture above.

Burlap can be a little messy, but if you handle it right, it is super easy to cut and work with.

Using my 3 easy steps, it works like a charm every time.

How To Cut Burlap in a Straight Line

First: Pull a string where you want to make your cut.

Second: Pull string all the way out so you can see a “space” and guide for you to cut.

Third: With your sharp scissors, cut your burlap in a straight line.

Now my strips are really to add to my book page and burlap garland.

Burlap with Book Pages Garland

Using the jute/or string I slide each folded book page on through the punched hole. YOUR garland can be as full as YOU like.

Book Page and Burlap Garland

I tied a burlap strip at the each end of the garland.

How To Make a Burlap and Book Page Garland

How To Make a Book Page Garland with Burlap Ties

Fall Book Page and Burlap Garland

About every 4th “fan” book page, I carefully tied a burlap strip. I like how the book pages and the burlap have their own texture.

How To Make a Book Page and Burlap Garland

I just love a good book page project any time of year. This happens to be one of my favorites. I hope you have been inspired to make your own Book Page and Burlap Garland for your Fall decor and for the upcoming Holidays.

I have also made book page flowers and I have other ideas for using burlap.

Thanks for joining me and thanks again to Maryann for having me here today. I am honored.

Make it a wonderful day.


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