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DIY Chunky Farmhouse Industrial Shelf

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I recently installed a DIY Chunky Farmhouse Industrial Shelf in our kitchen above our sink.  I had originally put a white shelf up above our kitchen sink, but with the white cabinets, the space really needed some wood and black metal to ground the space.

Wood shelf with farmhouse decor on top

This is a pretty easy DIY project.  If you don’t have a miter saw at home you could have your local hardware store cut the chunky board down for you. I’m sharing all the details on how to make and install a farmhouse industrial shelf in this post.  I love how it turned out in my kitchen and I’m planning out where I want to install some more, especially since I have some wood left.

How to Make a Chunky Farmhouse Industrial Shelf

Supplies for Shelf (affiliate links provided for your convenience)

  • 2″ thick piece of common pine (I used an 8″ wide piece) – the length you get will depend on the space you want your shelf in
  • metal shelf brackets (this are the ones I used and I love them)
  • drywall anchors (if you aren’t attaching the metal brackets into wood you’ll want these)
  • miter saw
  • sander or sandpaper
  • stain (this is what I used – one of my favorite colors)
  • drill

First Step: Measure the space you want to install the shelf to see how long you want your shelf to be.  I cut my shelf a 1/2″ shorter than the space between my two kitchen cabinets. I didn’t want the board rubbing between the cabinets.

Second Step: Once you have your measurement you’ll cut your common pine board down to the length you need.

Third Step: Then you will sand the board well on all sides until it’s nice and smooth.  Then I take a damp paper towel and wipe it down to remove any sawdust.  Let it dry before moving to the next step.

Fourth Step: Time to stain.  I used Kona stain, which is my current favorite color.  I used it on our Rustic Fireplace Mantel. I use an old rag or foam brush to apply my stain.  I let it sit about 5 minutes per side and then I wipe it off with paper towels.  Let each side dry as directed on the can before moving to the next side.

wood shelf in a white kitchen

Installing your Chunky Farmhouse Industrial Shelf

First Step: I measured down from the ceiling and used a pencil to mark the top of where I wanted the bracket.  Repeat on the other side, so that your shelf will be level.

Second Step: Attaching your metal brackets to the wall.  You want to have the brackets a few inches in from the edges of the board.  My brackets were placed along the window edges where there are 2×4 studs.  You want to check with a stud finder to see if you have wood where you want to place the brackets.  If you don’t have wood you’ll want to use drywall anchors first.  I recommend drywall anchors that handle 50lbs.  The wood has some weight to it, plus whatever you’re placing on your shelf.  If you need drywall anchor, follow the directions on the drywall anchor packaging.  Use your drill to attach the metal shelf brackets.  The one listed above comes with screws to attach it.  Repeat on the other side for the other bracket.

Third Step: Place your stained wood board on top of the brackets to create your cute Chunky Farmhouse Industrial Shelf!

black metal brackets with a wood shelf

Super easy right?

I’m thinking of adding some to my office space and maybe my girls’ bathroom.  So many options!

Let me know if you make one.  I’d love to see it!

Wood and Metal Shelf image for Pinterest


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