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DIY Coastal Starfish Basket

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Learn how to craft a coastal starfish basket with a thrift store basket and a few craft supplies. A great beachy addition to your home decor. I love all things that remind me of the ocean and this was an easy way to add some summery coastal vibe to make you feel like you’ve got a beach house.

coastal starfish basket

Here is the thrifted basket that I started with.

thrift store basket before

Materials And Supplies

Create The Painted Border

I knew I wanted to add some white paint to edge and handle of the basket. I love the contrast of two-tone baskets. So I just softly added the white paint with the foam paintbrush. I wanted the area to not be completely covered, so hint of the wicker were still coming through.

painting the edge and handle of the basket

Chalk paint is thicker than acrylic paint, so it only took one coat to get the coverage I wanted. If you use acrylic paint you might need to use two coats, but that is up to you and the look you are going for.

I let the paint dry for about 4 hours before adding the starfish.

Add The Starfish

To finish my coastal starfish basket it was time to add the white starfish. Now I decided to just hot glue my starfish to the basket, but using twine and weaving it through the wicker to hold it in place would be adorable too.

adding hot glue to starfish

I just put a large dot of hot glue on the back of the starfish and then pressed it to a protruding area on the side of the basket.

attaching the starfish to the basket

Decorating with a Basket

finished starfish basket

The glue only needs a few minutes to dry. Then came the fun of placing and decorating it. I knew I wanted to add some type of fabric, to the bottom of the basket. I decided to add a teal throw blanket through. Then I had a throw pillow with a light tone burlap background and cute teal blue seahorses on it. I added that on top of the throw blanket.

coastal basket with starfish for summer decor

I decided to add the basket to our living room under the fireplace mantel. I added a vase with driftwood next to it. Then some sea glass balls that I had made.

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  1. Hi, I absolutely love this basket! I’m definitely going to try to copy your idea. Just one thing, those are starfish not seahorses. Lol. Anyway, thank you for your inspiration ❤

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