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DIY Color Block Vase

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Turn a thrift store vase into a DIY Color Block Vase with this easy tutorial! So fun to update a boring vase with paint. This is such a fun way to add a pop of color to the bottom of the vase. So let me show you how to make your own color block vase.

DIY Color Block Vase

What You’ll Need

supplies the color blocking a vase

Cleaning The Glass

Before painting your vase you want to make sure your glass vase is really clean. If you find your vase at a thrift store then it will be pretty dirt like mine was. I started with a glass cleaner and finished going over a couple of areas with some white vinegar. If you have some really sticky areas, Goo-Be-Gone works well. You want the surface really clean so that the paint will adhere.

Applying Tape

Now you have a couple of options on how to apple your painters tape. You can eyeball it (which I did) or you can measure up from the base and mark the glass at a few spots and basically play connect-the-dots with your painter’s tape. If you want to use spray paint instead of brushing on your acrylic paint, then make sure to cover all of the vase you don’t want to be painted with tape.

painting color block

Paint The Color Block Vase

To do this DIY vase project I put the vase upside down on a larger scrap sheet of paper. I like to buy brown craft paper at the dollar store just for these projects. For the first coat, I brush a light coat over the area starting with a brush over the edge where the tape and vase meet.

Let the first coat dry for an hour. Then I did a second coat of paint and let it dry for about 30 minutes before removing the painter’s tape. Now you have a new color block vase!

After the vase completely dries you can fill it with your favorite flowers and find a new home for your pretty DIY color block vase.

navy blue color block vase

Now it’s thrift store makeover time again so you get to check out what the rest of the time I made over this month.

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