Gorgeous DIY Faux Stone Fireplace Makeover

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A big thanks to AirStone for partnering with Domestically Speaking on our fireplace!  What a transformation! We recently made a big update in our family room with a gorgeous DIY faux stone fireplace makeover. It’s amazing what a change this has made to our family room. It feels cozier. It looks amazing, just like natural stone. And it was an easy DIY project that you could tackle.

Faux stone above a fall mantel.

Materials and Tools for Faux Stone Fireplace

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We installed the AirStone from floor to ceiling in our fireplace transformation. Airstone offers 3 color combos, we selected Birch Bluff for our fireplace design. I loved it because it fit perfectly in our home’s color palette. It has browns, grays, and white shades.

Beautiful faux stone in gorgeous grays, warm browns, and creamy whites.

AirStone also has Autumn Mountain which has beautiful, warm brown tones and they offer Spring Creek which has a variety of gorgeous grays.

Putting the faux stone around the fireplace.

So let’s get into the install-info! This DIY is great because of it’s ease of installation and you could easily do it in a single weekend.!

How do you apply stone veneer to a fireplace?

So start you need a clean, mostly intact, mostly smooth wall. In the photo above you can see that there’s bits of the drywall that is missing when we removed the tile that was around the fireplace. There’s no reason that you need to smooth that out. You just need a surface that with adhesive the faux stone can stick to.

In the photo above you can see on the far left side their finished edge stone. This makes finishing off an edge super easy. It also comes with matching corner pieces that you can create a corner edge with.

So you have regular pieces and you have finished edge pieces. They come in various lengths and they come in two different heights – 2 inches and 4 inches. Airstone is made from 70% recycled material which helps to keep the product lightweight yet it’s super durable.

There are various ways you can cut Airstone. We had our wet saw out from doing our backsplash, so we used that during our install process. You can use a hack saw though… so super user-friendly!

Airstone has an adhesive for indoor installation. All you need is a putty knife to spread it on the back of the stone. You want to spread it on like frosting!

Adding the adhesive to the back of the faux stone.

We started on the bottom left corner and started working our way up to the top of the fireplace opening. Making sure to mix up the sizes and vary the colors as we went gave us the look we wanted.

Holding up the faux stone while it dried over the fireplace opening.

Once we finished the left side to the fireplace opening, I worked on the right side. When we went across the top of the fireplace opening we used a level to pencil a line at the bottom of where the stone needed to sit. We used various boards to help keep them stabilized until the stone dried for a couple of hours.

Faux Stone Fireplace with Rustic Wood Mantel

We kept working our way up until we reached the ceiling. This DIY project took us about a week, spending a couple of hours on it each day. This is definitely a doable DIY project for a beginner!!! Airstone has great videos on its site to help you work through all the steps of this faux stone veneer fireplace.

Close-up on the details with the faux stone fireplace.

Look at the textures and the variety of colors! It really does look and feel like real stone! This is a great way to make your fireplace the focal point in your living room. It adds rustic charm with a touch of elegance, an easy way to update your decor.

Faux stone and wood mantel with fall decor

Here it is with our fireplace all decked out for fall. We absolutely love how the faux-stacked stone fireplace turned out. The variation of colors perfectly blends in our home. We love the texture and warmth it brings to our family room and we LOVED how easy it was to install. So if you’re thinking about making over your fireplace I highly recommend you check out AirStone.

How To Create A Fireplace Mantel

Get all the detail on how we created our DIY Rustic Fireplace Mantel in this link.

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    1. Hi Laura! Thank you – we love it! Boxes are in the $60 range and we used about 5 1/2 boxes for our fireplace area. The space is about 6 feet wide and 9 feet high.

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